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    Default Not sure what scents I like - colognes and arabian perfume

    Hello everyone,

    My issue is I do not really know what scents I like, I am not sure how to describe them. I read the sticky and a few other posts to find out, but am still kind of at a loss. Maybe musk, or wood, but also a little bit fruity, if that makes sense, but I am not really confident about if those are the actual scents. I am a man, if that helps.

    Another thing is I would like to buy Arabian Perfumes that have scents of the colognes. I know Arabian perfumes have less mixes and combinations, but maybe some options would be nice.

    Maybe if I gave examples of what colognes I like. I really like Givenchy Pi, Jovan Musk, and my brother's Terre D'Hermes. I also really like the after shave Yardley Gold.

    Can anyone help me figure out what common scents these have, and what is different between them?

    And also, any recommendations on Arabian perfumes that have these scents? I also like the fruity arabian perfumes like bakhour by Al-Rehab and I once smelt one called Dewberry by Al-Rehab.

    I understand this is all very vague, but I really am pretty lost. Appreciate how helpful you guys are so I figured I might as well register and ask.

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    Default Re: Not sure what scents I like - colognes and arabian perfume

    Montale makes many blends of oud, a popular Arabian scent. Favourites include Black Aoud (roses), Dark Aoud (dry and woody), Red Aoud (gourmand), Aoud Cuir d'Arabie (leather and tobacco) and Aoud Musk.

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    Default Re: Not sure what scents I like - colognes and arabian perfume

    Givenchy Pi is mostly a sweet Vanilla type fragrance (technically its mostly benzoin and tonka but lets keep it simple)
    Hermes is quite a dry feeling woody fragrance with mostly orange and vetiver to scent it, so there's not much relation there.
    and i've never tried Jovan musk, but i'm guessing its pretty musky! lol

    Some good basic staple designer fragrances that are similar vibe to Pi would be:

    Le Male - Jean paul gauliter
    Play intense - Givenchy
    Bulgari Black - Bulgari

    Similar to Terre:

    Pour Homme - Givenchy
    Citrus & woods - Yardley
    Red Vetiver - Montale

    Worth checking out different vetiver fragrances aswell as they can be woody or sweet.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Not sure what scents I like - colognes and arabian perfume

    Appreciate it guys.

    The yardley citrus and woods sounds pretty awesome, and unique. I don't think too many young people even know about yardley.

    I didn't know about Montale either, sounds interesting.

    Is it possible to have Arabian perfumes recreate the scents given from these colognes?

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