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    Default Jumping into Bond

    Hi All,

    Looking to expand my collection- currently wear Creed GIT and OV, and Polo Black every once in a while on a night out. I've tried Bleeker and Wall St. and like both, however both seem a bit too powdery for me. Looking for something lighter (like SMW, but more masculine), and I have tried Chez Bond, but don't feel owning both that and GIT makes much sense. Wondering if there are any other Bonds worth trying to get my hands on- as I've found it difficult to find samples. Or are there any other houses/scents I should wander through?


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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    wall street by bond 9 is an great scent on my skin.

    its similar to millisime imperial by creed except swap the melon not with a fresh cucumber note.

    get your hands on it!
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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    Riverside Drive is one of my favorite Bond's. it's not all that "light", but like anything else, this can be remedied with how you spray.

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    Riverside drive
    New haarlem
    Coney Island

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    +1 Riverside Dr

    Also, Hamptons is Bond's take on Silver Mountain Water, you may want to try that one. And last time I looked, there was tons of bon bons on ebay.
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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    I enjoy Andy Warhol Montauk a lot. It starts with bergamot and currant, but transforms into an ozonic hyacinth scent that evolves into a wonderful sweet/salty woody base of maple, oak, & driftwood. The ozonic hyacinth and the driftwood and sweet maple give it the feel of a fresh seaside breeze to me. It's one of the often overlooked Bond's, but is a summer favorite of mine (especially the drydown).

    And for an even cleaner, fresher, and more floral scent, I also enjoy High Line. It's dominated by hyacinth once again, and has an almost "shampoo" like fresh vibe.

    Another nice green/fresh fragrance from Bond is Gramercy Park. It begins with a blast of fresh cut grass and ivy and then turns into a sweeter green scent with an almost vanilla type note mixed with the green elements.
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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    Quote Originally Posted by NewToScent View Post
    Or are there any other houses/scents I should wander through?

    Perhaps Jovoy Parfums & LM Parfums

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    Riverside Drive and New Haarlem.

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    I'm not sure of the powder you get from Bleeker...I don't get powder at all.

    Try's my favorite Bond because nothing else on any market smells anything like it.

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    My 3 favorite bonds are:

    1. Signature - Females absolutely LOVE it. Tonka is babe magnet to begin with but the way its done here is amazing.
    2. I <3 NY for Him
    3. Brooklyn

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    Jump out of Bond.

    Check out Frederic Malle.

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    Or...jump into Bond because that is what the thread is all about. I own and love Little Italy, New Haarlem, ILNY Equality and Coney Island. All great!! Riverside is great, as well as ILNY for All. My wife loves and owns Madison Square, Scent of Peace, and Lexington Avenue. It's a great line. We like it a lot...don't let the naysayers sway you from giving it a try. I'm in Vegas right now and I'm going to check out their Saks scent. Here's to hoping its great!!

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    Bond, IMO, is not good at light/fresh scents. They're better at gourmands.

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    If you are looking for something similar to SMW, then Hamptons would be the closest thing from BN9 IMO.

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    Default Re: Jumping into Bond

    There are only few that I like from this house, but I would recommend you to also check out their "feminines": West Side, West Broadway, Washington Square,...
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