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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior
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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by cello View Post
    I just caught up on yesterdays thread, and bummer, I missed Iris Day

    ExtremeK, I see you have figured the RM suggestions out - it was not me becuase I have not sniffed Cuirelle yet, but I have a sample to try very soon, along with Eau Duelle (coincidence :0 )
    Then, by all means, cello, please let me know if you smell a resemblance, or if I'm off in my own little olfactory world. Did you like Impossible Iris? (i.e., the not-an-iris Iris?) (Fans of Grosse Pointe Blank may get the reference.)

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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    extremeK, I did sample Impossible Iris, but I did not find it to my liking. There was something very sharp in the opening that ruined the whole experience for me. I will try again, but I have my Iris Poudre for a somewhat similar type of iris, and I prefer the IP.

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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    I'm wearing Cuir Mauresque today. It's a day off for me and I'm spending it watching it snow again.

    Jon, that is another beautiful picture you posted! It makes me wish I was looking at white sand beaches instead of white snow drifts!

    Happy birthday donna!

    Hugs to all (especially lucasi) ...
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Prada L'eau Ambree.

    Got a compliment on how good I smelled, that is always nice


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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Happy Birthday, Donna!Have a lovely day!

    Lucas, I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment. Just remember the saying "Anything worth having
    never comes easy." Stick with it and you'll do fine and remember we're all behind you and we know you
    have what it takes to make it happen. Big hugs being sent your way!

    Wearing Alien this afternoon.

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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Happy Birthday Donna!


    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeK View Post
    Ah, it was PerfumedLady who recommended I try Cuirelle! Thanks, sweetie

    Btw, PL, do you find the spicy/incense-y drydown of Cuirelle at all similar to the incense-y vanilla of Eau Duelle? Because I sure do. (Mike, too, if you have thoughts....)
    Oh, I hope you didn't fritter away too much time figuring that out! What really matters is that you've found some new loves! But I'm glad you reported back, I think we all know how nice it is to be right! I love Cuirelle, too and yes, I get your drift about Eau Duelle. In my mind, I was thinking of Bulgari Black as a bit similar in composition to Cuirelle and Black also makes me think of Eau Duelle. I'd say all are relatives. Of course, I'd just have to love the Monegal most of all, being the most expensive! But it's also the least sweet and that's the clincher for me. Huge congrats on your lovely II purchase! I'm very happy for you! From the beginning, I thought this could be an iris for those who are iris-challenged. Anyone who normally finds iris somber, moody or funereal needs to try Impossible Iris-it's none of those things! Just pure, sparkling happiness!

    I'm in HdP Tubereuse 3 L'Animale for the evening. Have a great night, all!

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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Good afternoon, good smelling bunch. Started with 1876 and somehow am feeling very tired, almost fainted at the store although I ate before. I guess 7 days in a row of doing double shifts gets to one eventually, non? Even to energizer bunnies running on 4 to 5 hours of nightly sleep, normally. Continuing in Sinan.

    Happy Birthday to donna225.

    Hugs to many of you.
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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Twolf, seven days of double shifts sounds like an absolute b***h & must surely take its toll. l do hope you get some decent rest now, it sounds like you need it!
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.

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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Dear Twolf, seconding teardrop here. What the ???? Wishing you pleasant rest.
    What do insomniac perfumers do to fall asleep? They count chypres!
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    Default Re: SOTD - Monday 25th Feb 2013

    Twolf, you are *somehow* feeling very tired??!! Good lord! I would have collapsed in a heap by this point. I'm amazed you're vertical

    I hope you have a chance for some much-deserved rest soon.

    PerfumedLady, I agree with you about Impossible Iris -- it's an iris for those of us who struggle with Iris. I'm glad you're getting the Eau Duelle vibe, too. I was beginning to think I was crazy.

    Cello, yes, now that you remind me, I remember Iris Poudre being one of your favorites. I also really like that one, except my BF has claimed it, and he's a little funny about our sharing fragrances.
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