I picked up a 3.4oz of the new brut dominant in a red glass bottle yesterday at walmart. It was $7 and the last one on the shelve. I cant find it anywhere online its like this stuff doesnt exist yet. but i have to admit this stuff smells VERY good. it last twice as long as the regular brut and projects very good. It doesnt smell that similar to the original. It has this incredible unique fresh deep sorta fruity smell. ok i suck at explaining smells but i compared the new brut and the original and i liked this one much more. I cant stop smelling it on my skin, i wore it today i got 1 compliment, "you smell really goood", i said i know lol. but if any of you guys on here can get your hands on this, try it out. Its cheap but sure as hell doesnt smell cheap. its says "brut locion dominant" on the bottle theres no images online. just my 2 cents.