Hey, I just wanted to share with you a cool website for purchase online...
Iíve been using Ebates.com since 2011 and just wanted to share my real experience using this cash back shopping site. I know whenever I tell people about it they kind of give me a look like it must be some kind of scam, right? Most people have become pretty savvy when it comes to internet scams, and it often raises a red flag when something seems too good to be true.

That is definitely not the case with Ebates They are very open about how their website works, and how they actually make money in order to be able to give you cash back.
In order to get cash back from Ebates, you have to click on the shop button to open a tracking ticket. This is actually an affiliate link that is tracked by each store, and by Ebates. Stores give Ebates a commission for referring traffic to them, and Ebates shares a portion of that commission with you.
One of my favorite things about Ebates is that you can find all the current coupon codes available for each store. You can combine coupon codes with cash back to get even more savings.
I hope this review gave you some ideas on how to start saving some money by shopping through Ebates.com. If you shop online already, you might as well save some extra money while youíre at it! Always remember to check for coupon codes too.

Click the sign up form below to join for free, plus you will get a $10 gift card, or $5 cash bonus just for signing!
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