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    Default Couple questions regarding oils

    Hi, i have a couple of questions regarding cariier oil and essential oil. Decided to put them into 1 thread, save some time lol.

    Firstly, is Castor Oil a good carrier oil to use for perfume oils?
    Lasly.. what do you think about this perfume blend?.. I have blended it but i don't know whether it seems weird or is it a good combination for a sweet fruity scent..

    Top: Orange, Lime
    Middle: Tobacco, Juniper Berry
    Base: Vanilla

    Any responses would be appreciated.. first time blending perfume.

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    Default Re: Couple questions regarding oils

    Castor Oil is the best fixed oil to use with Essential Oils, and causes the fewest problems with solubility. However there are far better solvents you can use, if you don't stick to the unnecessary bind of "all Naturals".

    Your fragrance seems to be mainly top note, with a little back. By "Tobacco", do you mean Tobacco Absolute? If you do it is a middle to base note. By "Vanilla", do you mean Vanilla Absolute? If you do, it is considered a back note. The rest of the oils you use are mainly top, although Essential Oils are difficult to classify as the various chemicals within them evaporate at different rates. However Orange and Lime, are mainly d-Limonene, whilst Juniper is mainly Pinene. Limonene and Pinene are top notes, with high volatility.

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    Default Re: Couple questions regarding oils

    Thanks.. it's just that castor oil seemed a bit thick when i was using it but then had to warm it up to work better with so wasnt sure if it was the right 1.

    Tobacco Absolute is what i used, i ordered it off ebay. I have the pure earthy 100% high grade which is thick and sticky but i used a dilute version that had been diluted in ethyl maltol and PG. So like a sweet tobacco oil. The Vanilla was an essential oil blend with jojoba. That's how it came on its packaging. I did notice a bit of a strong orange scent, i put that as the top note funnily enough it seems more stronger than the vanilla base of which i added more drops in lol.

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    Default Re: Couple questions regarding oils

    I didn't think Castor Oil was that thick, so I hope you have the right stuff. Why do you want to dilute your Tobacco Absolute with Ethyl Maltol ( a solid that smells of Candy Floss, and isn't naturally occurring) and Propylene Glycol (also a synthetic)? Using PG with any fixed oil (even Castor) will cause solubility problems. Not sure what you mean by "Vanilla was an essential oil blend", and don't know why it came diluted in Jojoba. Also it shouldn't smell of Orange.

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