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    Default Caron Rose replicas?

    I am quite late to the game and just sampled Caron Rose. This is the first time I have really appreciated a rose scent and I have some questions. Is the EDP like the parfum extrait? If not, is it the best dupe? And have you found any other perfect replacements for it? Thanks!

    Of course, if someone oddly has one that they want to get rid off, I am glad to purchase it .

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    Default Re: Caron Rose replicas?

    Well, apart from Tabac Blond, in general I have found the Caron EdPs to be fairly close in overall smell to the extrait versions (they lack finesse in the deep base naturally). However, I have always found given their high EdP price there is no reason to be satisfied with 'second best' (but well, that's quintessentially ME ). I wrote a review for Rose a while ago and so I did for N'aimez que moi and Or et Noir. I think these two are superior compositions and all pick up Rose's elements. Do try these and see which one delivers more what you are looking for.

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    Default Re: Caron Rose replicas?

    I have the extract and the edp, agree with Larimar. Both close to each other, but the edp has a thinnest about it.

    Or et Noir is turkish delight, totally gorgeous. N'aimez que moi I own this one in extract and its rich roses with violets.

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