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    Default Tobacco absolute tooo thick..

    I have a bottle of tobacco absolute 100% high grade stuff.. how do i go about using it? It's THICK! I tried to sit it in a bowl of boiled water but there was no change in thickness. I tried to heat it.. it just went runny then back to its solid form. Every time i try put a little through the pipette it just gets stuck in there :| Any responses would be appreciated i want to use this in a blend somehow.

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    After heating it, when it's in its runny state, try pouring some into a container and then dilute with alcohol to 10%. I wouldn't waste a pipette on the undiluted material (well, not again).

    You will need a scales to get an accurate dilution, otherwise it'll have to be visual guesswork.

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    Default Re: Tobacco absolute tooo thick..

    Or, dilute the Tobacco abs 50.0% in Benzyl Benzoate. It will then be runny enough to use.

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