Hi! I am just getting back into perfuming after20 years, I am an an amateur and new to aroma chemicals.

My first question: reading posts on this site, I noticed a lot of you per-dilute your fragrance materials from anywhere to 10% to 1%. When you do this,and then create a perfume concentrate from the diluted materials, do you then add more alcohol at the end you make whatever perfume concentration you desire? Or you blend in quantities sufficient to have an end product? I hope this is clear...

Question 2: I want to develop a Halloween inspired perfume. For this, I would like to either compose a wood smoke accord and an autumn leaf Accord OR find single aroma chemicals to get these scents. I envision these notes as the middle notes lingering into a deep, woody base. I also planto use a caramel note in the middle. I have spent several hours searching....plenty of premade fragrance oils, but nothing for someone trying not Tues fragrance oils with all their owns. I should mention that as of yet, I haven't purchased any supplies. I plan to get a few good basics and begin with one perfume at a time, adding materials as I go.

Thank you for any help you are help you are willing to share!