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    7 33.33%
  • Eau Des Baux

    14 66.67%
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    Exclamation Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    Unfortunately both these fragrances are unavailable in my country, so I could only blind buy.

    If you had to choose 1 between both of these fragrances which one would you get ? I'm looking for something that's appealing, and to be honest, a little safe. Not too safe though.
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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    Own both and love both. My preference goes to: L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    Easy vote for me: Eau des Baux by L'Occitane.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    Eau des baux is of higher quality but if you want the safer one, then go for Rochas. I like baux more but people generally think it smells a bit medicinal because of the cypress note in it. Rochas on the other hand, is more pleasing to people around me. By the way, I think you should consider play intense as well. It is also safe and overall better than rochas imo. Especially for performance.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    Like both, would love to won both, but currently my preference leans in favor of Rochas (without however excluding a future purchase of Eau des Baux either).
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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    I like them both but only own Eau des Baux.
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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    Add Jaipur to the list to make it even more difficult.

    EdB tho

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    This is a tough really depends on what your tastes are.

    I like and enjoy both.

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    Default Re: Rochas Man vs L'Occtane Eau Des Baux

    I also have hard time to pick 1 of this.

    Rochas Man, I own and dont wear it as often as I used to but its excellent gourmand and my best blind buy so far. if you are into coffee fragrances choose Rochas Man. It is also more youthfull than EDB.

    Eau Des Baux, I just sampled twice. Its very nice and long lasting but I could not find a place for it in my wardrobe. IMO its more versatile than Rochas Man, and also slightly more masculine but not very complex. It would be excellent signature scent for a mature guy (its not old smelling, but rather more sophisticated than Rochas). Get EDB if you prefer vanilla over coffee.
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