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    Default Old and new Grain de Plaisir (MPG)?

    Has anyone tried both the old, 90ml/3oz and the new, 100ml/3.3oz versions of Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's Grain de Plaisir?

    I left it too late to acquire Baime, by which time only the latter was available, and I was disappointed when I compared it with the sample I had of the original. I don't want to repeat the experience with Grain de Plaisir.


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    Default Re: Old and new Grain de Plaisir (MPG)?

    I own the former but have tried the more recent and personally don't notice any difference.

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    Default Re: Old and new Grain de Plaisir (MPG)?

    I tried the new version w/in the last 24 hours & found the basenotes 2b nonexistent..
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    Default Re: Old and new Grain de Plaisir (MPG)?

    Not much difference. More real woods and real "hairy" Castoreum in the older 90ml batches.

    Such a great fragrance, and a great line. If anyone wants to smell historical compositions of quality on par or greater than the grey cap creeds, MPG is the line. So french, so natural, so grand.

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