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    Default Reading and understanding a professional perfume formulation. Help...please...

    I am a newbie. I have never weighed my ingredients before, but plan to start working by weight. As I research this subject, I have come across professional perfume formulations. What I am having a hard time figuring out is what the numbers that total 1,000 actually are. Pell Wall blog has a great formula spreadsheet, but in order to understand it, I need to know what the heck those numbers adding up to 1,000 are. I see that they are each assigned to an ingredient and that they end up converted to grams. Also, at the top of this particular chart, ethanol is listed with grams to be added, but then in the percentage of formula column, it shows a 0%. Why is that?
    I know this is probably common knowledge to a lot of you, but I am confused. Lots of beginning, affordable perfume making books show recipes by drops/volume, so these types of formulas are new to me!
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Default Re: Reading and understanding a professional perfume formulation. Help...please...

    Formulas adding up to a Kilo, or 1000, is about this threefold idea:

    1. That the contents can be counted, when needing to calculate what amount is needed to produce 1 Kilo of perfume concentrate.

    2. So that you can count the cost of materials that it will take, to produce 1 Kilo of Concentrate, and multiple thereof.

    3. It provides a multiplication method to know how much material will be needed to produce more than 1 kilo of concentrate, for a large production run, if you calculate out how much concentrate you need to produce a certain number of bottles for that perfume at a known percentage of dilution.
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    Default Re: Reading and understanding a professional perfume formulation. Help...please...

    Well, that clears that up. I cannot see ever having to make that much perfume in my ventures. Thank you for your help! Now at least, I know how I can figure out possible small production and cost by weight, should I ever decide to sell something.

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