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    Default Kindly requesting any feedback about the brand Proraso

    Hello Basenotes,

    A local subsidiary of a German cosmetics retail chain (authorized distributor for Proraso, so authenticity is at least ensured) has quite good deals on products by the brand Proraso.

    Problem is, I know it sounds unlearned, I never had any experience with the shaving/grooming/care products of this brand. So, I'd like to ask any suggestions, hints, tips, feedback about the best products, the strengths, the weaknesses, the price-quality ratio of this manufacturer.

    I also have to point out that I am keen on both traditional shaving and traditional grooming and cosmetic brands anyway, so I am tempted to take the step, but would appreciate any final thoughts before moving on to some first purchases. Also hope that the generally good reputation and feedback, at least according to what I've read on the Internet and from other sources about this brand, is substantiated.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Kindly requesting any feedback about the brand Proraso

    All of it is top notch for the price.

    The pre/post cream is the best pre-shave I've ever used, and when combined with the green shaving cream and the aftershave splash, gives you a face-freezing menthol blast that's up there with Osage Rub. The green line is perfect for warmer weather.

    I really like the new red-label sandalwood and shea butter shaving cream; the scent is true-to-life and, like the rest of the proraso creams, lathers up like a rabid dog.

    I've got a couple of bottles of the blue label (aloe and vitamin E) aftershave balm, and I'm not sold on it. It moisturises perfectly well, but the scent isn't great.

    In so far as their soaps are concerned (which are softer soaps) they're fine, but I'd take tubes of the creams (green and red) over them.

    Proraso is an excellent Italian barbershop line that outperforms products several times more expensive.

    Jump on the Proraso train, Ken, you'll see why every wetshaver has some Proraso in their collection.

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    Default Re: Kindly requesting any feedback about the brand Proraso

    I don't like the cool face-feel from mentholated products so the green line is out for me (I've only tried the pre/post shave cream in that line). I've got the sandalwood shave cream and it is very good for the price. However, I much prefer the C&E Sandalwood scent; but that is more expensive of course.

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    Default Re: Kindly requesting any feedback about the brand Proraso

    Very good stuff for the price indeed.
    I also prefer the green tea/aloes line to the harsher eucalyptus/menthol one.
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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    Default Re: Kindly requesting any feedback about the brand Proraso

    Thanks for the extensive info so far.

    Hardly any second thoughts about buying some products from this brand, I know what good quality I can expect for the price.
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