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    Default AMBRE GRIS by Alyssa Ashley : thumbs up!

    Re-tested today: great, it's really a great scent.

    Although reported as female scent, it's absolutely unisex.
    top :Lemon, rose,
    heart: jasmin
    base: cedar, labdanum and ...amber, amber, amber. Tons of amber.

    Very gentle, very elegant, not invasive, but persistent.
    Vaguely remembers a shadow of the old "Musk de Alyssa Ashley".

    One of the finest amber I've smelled, on pair with MPG Ambre Precieux and famous M7 one.
    Give it a chance.
    Prices very affordable, on Ebay too: applauses for such high quality, at so low prices.

    Keep open eyes on Alyssa Ashley perfumes: after "Oud pour Lui", here is another hit.

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    Default Re: AMBRE GRIS by Alyssa Ashley : thumbs up!

    Glad it works for you. Too feminine for me.

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    Default Re: AMBRE GRIS by Alyssa Ashley : thumbs up!

    Will try to get a sample.

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