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    Default NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    Another flanker from Nautica....

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Lime, Green Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Brazilian Rainforest Pitanga Fruit, Crisp Apple Traces, Seaweed Absolute.

    Mid Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Nutmeg, Marine Breeze, Symarine, Jasmine, Water Lily, Violet Roots.

    Dry Down: Sea Moss, Amber, Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood, Vetiver Accord, Musk.

    A few interesting notes in there, but I fear this one is another example of fragrances for people who are afraid to wear fragrance. It shares Green mandarin with Dark Obsession, could this be the "it" note for designers like violet leaf and ginger were recently?

    Aqua Rush was an OK frag. I used the body spray as a primer in between my daytime and night time scent since it really didn't smell like much.

    It's not in the store yet, I will give it a try for sure and hope that I am pleasantly surprised.

    1.7oz $49
    3.4oz $65
    Body Spray $10

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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    Thanks for the info. I may give this one a try next time I am in Macys or some other store that has this.

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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    I like the notes. skeptical on the quality...

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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold


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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    Thanks for the info. Wonder how it matches up with Nautica Voyage?

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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    I haven't tried the new flanker, but I actually really liked the original Aqua Rush. Probably my favorite Nautica scent. I'm planning on grabbing it when it hits TJ Maxx/Marshall's. (should be soon). To me, it had a nice 90s style herbal freshness about it (kind of in the vein of Plat Egoiste or Polo Sport), with some aquatic notes mixed in. I certainly preferred Aqua Rush over the much talked about Voyage which I don't care for (way too much apple in that one for me).

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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    $65? When it arrives at TJMaxx, and it will, it will run <$25.

    Apple traces? Violet roots? Pitanga fruit?

    Just once I want to see Trampled Banana as a note. Fermented Kumquat. Cake Left Out in the Rain Absolute.

    BTW, the 'pitanga' is actually the Surinam Cherry, a particularly pernicious weed in Bermuda. People grow it as a hedge to keep nosy neighbors out. That might describe some Nautica synthetic messes too.

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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    I will give it a sniff if I see it. So far the only Nautica I have liked enough to own is Oceans.

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    Default Re: NEW Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

    I’ll test it, there’s a Nautica outlet not far from here, but not getting my hopes up. Voyage is a great scent, and I love Oceans (I bought up most of the last wave at local discounters), but Nautica’s hit-and-miss seems mostly miss, sorry to say. Still, I’m keeping an open mind...

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