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    Default Where to buy Sandalwood EO?

    I'm interested in buying some real Sandalwood, but since it's so expensive, I wanted to see if anyone had any good experience with any of the smaller-quantity suppliers?

    Or, these guys:

    I'm looking to spend, maybe, $50? Or thereabouts?

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    Default Re: Where to buy Sandalwood EO?

    I believe that member @bluemoon may have tried the Vanuatu ? from your quoted link and has written about it/production improvements in the Oudh Group.

    Any that you buy will probably be rather fresh, so may not be what you were expecting.

    Member @luckyrory has recently bought a number of samples & may be able to advise you on this point..

    International shipping is a problem from U.K. at present for most people.

    U.S. members will be more help!

    Suggested reading:-

    for further info.
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    Default Re: Where to buy Sandalwood EO?

    Buying real sandalwood comes down to what you like, what you will accept, and what you are willing to pay for it.

    There's no good answer, and using myself as an example, I've looked for a LOOOONG time to find the good stuff that I prefer, and I suggest that you also will have to overspend, and buy from multiple sources to find what you want. Sandalwood isn't a slam dunk... Unless you get really lucky.
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    Default Re: Where to buy Sandalwood EO?

    Thank you Paul!

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    Default Re: Where to buy Sandalwood EO?

    I bought some at, but it's already about 1,5 years ago. JanMeut who runs the shop, was able to sell me some 10 ml for about €40, back in those days. Don't know if he still got it. Good price, for good stuff.
    I also bought three kinds from Perfumers Apprentice, heartwood, wild and supreme. PA gets them from John Steele. Excellent qualities, love them, but think around $70 for 3 to 6 ml.

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    Default Re: Where to buy Sandalwood EO? has some 18 year old sandalwood......he is expencive though....but i would trust that one is really good!

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