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    Default Duty Free at the Reykjavik airport

    If you fly Icelandair (which has some amazing deals to Iceland in the fall and early spring - think $500-$600 for airfare + hotel, and this is from the West Coast of the US), you land at the Reykjavik airport (technically in Keflavik) which has a decent selection of men's frags.

    Some notes:
    - they had a selection of Chanel, but not the more hyped ones on BN (Egoiste - classic or Platinum - and Antaeus). They did have the Allure variations and Bleu de Chanel (which the SO liked.) They were definitely cheaper than buying them in the US.
    - a selection of Dior frags, but not DHI. They did have DH (which also got the approval nod) and Fahrenheit.
    - Kouros! (SO thought it was a patchouli bomb, at least the top notes.)
    - Spicebomb (also got the approval nod.) The first time I've had the opportunity to try it. It's different enough from the two frags I've seen it compared to - L'Occitane Eau de Baux and TF Tobacco Vanille - that I may consider it, but not until cold weather returns. Very nice incense note though.)

    And a few Icelandic frags. One was called "Vik" which was a bit generic; even now, less than a week later, I have a hard time describing it. It was pretty light.

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    Default Re: Duty Free at the Reykjavik airport

    I would love to visit Iceland one day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts insomniac. That's so cool they had Egoiste and Kouros there !
    Seeking: Bottles/decants : of Alain Delon Iquitos, Feeling Man, Gucci pour Homme, Essence of John Galliano, Opium pour Homme, Oxford & Cambridge, Fahrenheit Absolute, Concentré D'Orange Verte...etc.

    Seeking decant/sample of Jil Sander Feeling Man, Fan di Fendi Assolu, Lalique Hommage Voyageur, Giorgio VIP, ....etc. I have samples to swap.

    More HERE
    Please PM me !

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    Default Re: Duty Free at the Reykjavik airport

    I have family living in Iceland and go out there a few times a year. I've never really bothered checking out their duty free section. Must do so next time.

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