Hey guys, my local retailer had this one biting the dust back in the shelves, at about 35$ it kind of tempts me, did a search here, barely any threads.

Could anyone of you'll who have it or have owned it, give me an opinion if its bottle worthy ?

Is it discontinued ?

Also, whats the overall vibe of the scent, does it have good longevity, projection and sillage ?

I take it that it has a dominant seaweed note, someone on fragrantica said its been reformulated and the seaweed note has been tamed, anyone who has used the pre-formulation and reformulation both, is there a difference ? as i could not make out if the reviews were about which formulation ( provided there was a reformulation).

Does the seaweed note share its DNA with bvlgari aqva ?
Would it be safe to say if one likes aqva, polo sport is up his alley ?

More than how it is, the small collector spirit inside of me is urging me to pick it up, as the thought that i may not see it again, kind of makes me want to.

Eagerly awaiting your replies guys, thanks a lot for your precious time

Have a nice day


This is the image, just in case