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    Question Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    Hey guys, my local retailer had this one biting the dust back in the shelves, at about 35$ it kind of tempts me, did a search here, barely any threads.

    Could anyone of you'll who have it or have owned it, give me an opinion if its bottle worthy ?

    Is it discontinued ?

    Also, whats the overall vibe of the scent, does it have good longevity, projection and sillage ?

    I take it that it has a dominant seaweed note, someone on fragrantica said its been reformulated and the seaweed note has been tamed, anyone who has used the pre-formulation and reformulation both, is there a difference ? as i could not make out if the reviews were about which formulation ( provided there was a reformulation).

    Does the seaweed note share its DNA with bvlgari aqva ?
    Would it be safe to say if one likes aqva, polo sport is up his alley ?

    More than how it is, the small collector spirit inside of me is urging me to pick it up, as the thought that i may not see it again, kind of makes me want to.

    Eagerly awaiting your replies guys, thanks a lot for your precious time

    Have a nice day


    This is the image, just in case

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    I used to use this a lot and went through several bottles during the late 1990s and early 2000s. I always loved the dry-down, got plenty compliments and was never unhappy with the longevity.

    Polo Sport doesn't interest me quite as much as it used to (unlike Polo 'green' which I can never be without) bit I still think it's one of the best 'sport' / aquatic fragrances there is.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    I owned a bottle of it received as a gift for years before giving it away but never warmed to it... Not a fan personally, but if you like Aqua (another I used to own and dislike) then it most likely will be up your alley.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    Opening is pretty nice, but dry down is bad. Sometimes I wish I had a small bottle though. I got a steal on it a few years ago, 4.2 oz bottle for 24.99 at Walgreens.. I ended up selling it in a lot with Double Black and others that I regret selling.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    This one was hot years ago. Strong aquatic frag. Pretty good drydown though. Had a large bottle of this and used it when clubbing.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    I went through a bottle or two back in the day when this first came out; I was 30-35 then and had little if any knowledge of fragrances. It held fond memories so I picked up a bottle a few years back. I never reach for it. Instead, the likes of Eau Suavage, YSL pH, Eau d'Hermes, Monsieur Givenchy, Green Water, etc., moreso fit my current lifestyle at 50. It's possible that, if I knew what I know now back then, I'd have never used Polo Sport. Seaweed/Pineapple, and it can be loud. If an aficianado declared that it simply could not be taken seriously... well I probably would not argue against that point. Yet, as much can be and is frequently said about the likes of 1 million, Le Male, etc., too. Hell, what do aficianados know about what might just click for an individual?

    I'm not familiar with Bulgari Aqua or current version of Polo Sport.

    @ fraghead93: If you're in the states and want a sample, shoot me a PM.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    Tried it a long time ago and like all the other Polo scents, didn't like it.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    Did not like this one..
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    I liked it when I was younger; I remember it as a compliment-getter back in college. The longevity was not good on me, so I had to carry the small bottle (splash) and apply some on my neck. Projection is wide after the first 15 minutes, but quickly fades.

    Trust your nose. If you really like the scent, then go for it. Personally, I liked it before, but I've already moved on.


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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    Are all of the polo sport bottles that are blue vintage and made by cosmair?

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    I ust to wear this back in high school. This girl I ust to date loved it,, got a fresh out of the shower vib. Because of the memories that come with this frag is the reason i will always keep a bottle in my collection.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    Get Aqua Quorum (A. Puig) which is way better smelling (but still similar) at 1/4 of the price you pay for Polo Sport.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Sport.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slayerized View Post
    Get Aqua Quorum (A. Puig) which is way better smelling (but still similar) at 1/4 of the price you pay for Polo Sport.
    +1 to this.


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