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    Default Freaking Spam...

    What's with all the freaking spam in Male Fragrance??? It seems we finally are past the HORRIBLE outages and slowdowns, and now every few posts if from some idiot posting spam>>> this site is so frustrating.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Weekdays are worse - you can just report them with the black triangle thingy by where it says 'Blog this Post', or someone else will & they get removed.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    I manage a large community forum which has almost 200,000 users, and we've explored dozens of ways of preventing spammers being able to access the forum and post spam, but even with several methods in place at the same time it still happens and all we can do is to make sure that all of the genuine users are aware that reporting spam when it happens is a positive thing for the forum and that they will be thanked for doing so, and then have plenty of moderators around for as long as possible during the day to handle reports and delete spam.

    Spam is, unfortunately, part of the modern world and it's not going away. The best thing you can do as a forum user is to report it and then ignore it, so that you aren't making any more work for the moderating team when they come along to delete it. Every response you post to it adds to the amount of work that the mods have to do when reading through threads which have been spammed, looking for other posts which have answered or quoted the spam.

    Forums are made by their users so please play your part in helping the forum (and this applies to any forum in which you participate).

    Sorry to be preaching to the converted etc.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Isn't there an option in the forum software so that new users posts *must* be approved before they appear in the boards?
    Say until they reach some floor limit, like 10 posts.
    This would maybe give more work to the mod team, but would probably block all spam before they become visible to the users.
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    There is the ability for that, but an awful lot of genuine new users get frustrated and leave rather than wait hours or days for any of their posts to appear, and if you have 50 or 60 new users a day (which is standard for my forum) then the extra work involved is just huge.

    We've also got things like a firewall block on all IPs which have been used by spammers in the past, on lots of email domains which have been associated with spam, and on users who have tried to register more than one account from the same IP in close succession. Then there's the automated registration tool which accepts/rejects registration applications in real time based upon a maintained list of IPs and email accounts which are reported as being associated with spam and a set of questions on the registration page which change regularly and which take a knowledge of English and some logic to answer, so they can't be beaten by a bot, now Captcha can be read mechanically.

    Yet even with all of these things in place we get spammers- it's a fact of life. If you see a couple of spammers a day with the measures in place then you'd have seen hundreds without them.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Thanks for the explanations, much appreciated.
    Ce message provient du Québec!

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Thanks for sharing that - I report them when I see them.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Forums where I had to wait for access, I completely ignored and never went back.

    Im an 80s baby. I want what I want now and hot too!

    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    That's exactly what I mean hedonist222. You are certainly not alone in the expectation that the internet is instant.

    As a forum manager one is caught between allowing people to post as they wish (but at the same time trying to not let them do too many REALLY bad things) and the undeniable truth that the forum would be lovely and quiet if you put in place one too many rules.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    Forums where I had to wait for access, I completely ignored and never went back.

    Im an 80s baby. I want what I want now and hot too!
    Me too. I don't do waiting for access on any forum.

    I'm a 60's baby. I do anything I like, if I like and when I like. The word 'no' is just a red rag.... lol

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Quote Originally Posted by mumsy View Post
    Me too. I don't do waiting for access on any forum.

    I'm a 60's baby. I do anything I like, if I like and when I like. The word 'no' is just a red rag.... lol

    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Lol... I'm very polite about it though....

    I normally just report the spam with the little triangle box. It is the TV advert one that has morphed into different languages now and a new member name each time. They only get about three goes before someone catches them.

    What happens there with spam? Is it a robotic thing just designed to annoy...or is there a little somebody sitting there writing the stuff and getting paid or something? Spam is just wierd...

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    90% of the spam we get is moderated before it is posted, there's a lot. And it's got a lot worse over the last few months or so. I'm working on a few ways to try and stem it, and hopefully the move to the new software should at least make it a bit harder for them (for a while at least).

    In the mean time, feel free to use the report button, and we will do our best to get rid of it.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Here is some real SPAM as we like it

    - - - Updated - - -

    I cannot work out how to imbed the video - promise it isn't nasty.

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Spam, the other white meat...well, not really.

    Like my Spamming? Call...

    1-800-EAT SPAM.

    Just joking. Spam happens, even with spam I'd still take this site over many others and do! lol.
    $25 or less clearance sale:!!

    "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." Rom. 8:18

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Its the fashion spammer today with polo shirt advertising all over the place.....

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    Default Re: Freaking Spam...

    Everybody's help with the spam is very much appreciated by the moderation team ~ you rock!! When you use the report button, we are able to respond to it best. If it all possible, please avoid responding to the spammers in their threads. It will help us to deal with them more efficiently.

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