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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    Just a heads up, and I haven't tried any of the offerings...yet, but you should look into lures and lure ingredients for trapping/fur trapping. also offers some natural animal tinctures.

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    As to skunk, it is very STRONG, pungent, lasting. From a distance it has a somewhat pleasant character, so in an extreme dilution and mixed with the right ingredients it could be of use....outstanding sillage. It has a kind of rubbery like scent....really hard to describe, but certain strains of cannabis are named after it for a reason...very similar. Then again, since it is used as a weapon for protection by the skunk, it may be hardwired into our brains as an offensive odor. On the other hand, indoles and other fecal/animal notes have to be diluted greatly before humans find them pleasant.

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    The antidote for skunk essence is a quart of FRESH hydrogen peroxide
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1-2 teaspoons of grease dissolving dish detergent

    Mix in a large open container and use immediately.

    I am doing this from memory so you may want to google it.

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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    It's not animalic, but the fossilized amber oil from Eden Botanicals is all the "dirty" you could ask for, and one of the best natural fixatives I've ever used. It kicks butt all over ISO E Super, even diluted to 5%, and it's not any more expensive. When combined with even some of the more delicate musks you get a earthy complexity that can turn any fragrance to the dark side, and with even trace amounts of oak moss it like,, and perfectly dirty. Castoreum, in small amounts, comes off like leather to me (and butt in larger amounts). Ambergris is one of those unpredictable components at times, but along with musks can make your scent into something alive. I notice a lot of French perfumes feature prominent animal notes. I've never understood the obsession with jasmine (which smells like a floral fart to me), but when used with the same discretion as the true animal notes, can do some neat things to an otherwise boring fragrance (same with narcissus). As a novice (in the most humble sense of the word) I am consistently amazed how truely narcotic results can be achieved by blending several things that, on their own, smell like poop (I know....duh. Still, its a big part of why creating GOOD perfume is not something that can be done easily, or casually.) Awesome thread, and great information...thank you.

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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by david ruskin View Post
    i have never smelled skunk musk. Part of me wants to, part of me is disgusted that part of me wants to.

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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    I rely on civet to dirty up florals. I haven't had luck with any of the artificial substitutes which smell aggressively fecal to me. I find that benzyl phenyl acetate adds an animalic and honey-like component.

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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    Definitely had some experience with skunk over the years!

    I am wholeheartedly interested in it's perfumery applications and I've thought about it more than once! But god would I want SOMEBODY ELSE to do the dilutions (or tincturing?)!!

    A pooch of mine got skunk-blasted a number of times.. never seemed to learn his lesson! And the smell of far-off skunk I've known since I was young, so I've experienced a number of dilutions.

    From far-away, the odd pleasantness I'd liken to that of petroleum.. not really the smell per se, but the effect. Truly though, the closest thing for the uninitiated is marijuana of the skunk lineage... very aptly named, as is the 'skunkiness' present in certain beers like Heineken. I've also experienced something like it in certain plants.. but I believe that is called 'foxiness'? I am really lacking the vocabulary for this one... I would call it animalic, but never fecal. Very idiosyncratic animalic, like wet dog but very much something else.

    Up close, this stuff is a whole new beast. Unbelievably powerful, very repulsive. It is so ...thick and heavy, 'smelling' and 'tasting' become merged in the sensory onslaught it packs. Sorry to say though, I'm finding it impossible to really 'remember' the smell enough to throw out comparisons, it's been a few years. Now that spring is coming, I might be able to report back with better notes!

    I'm sure it's merit (if any) lies in EXTREME dilutions.

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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    I was lucky because at the time a fellow base noter kindly sent some skunk. I would have laughed if customs stopped that one.

    It wasn't as vile as I had thought it would be, but it would take a brave person to use it in a perfume. Like sort of dead cabbage and sulphur. I don't know that the one I had was the real thing or a lure mix. I will have to go and smell it again... but maybe not tonight.
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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    mumsy, wow! does that mean... people are selling the stuff??

    hehe...cabbage sort of rings a bell in distant memory... but i definitely don't remember making as many rotten veggie comparisons as have been made in this thread.

    Have you tried smelling it highly diluted?

    If you happen to care enough, I'd be happy to weigh in on the authenticity (though I'm sure pkiller is a more qualified nose). You could seal up a smelling strip and send me a letter. Come to think of it, that could be the basis for a fantastic prank.

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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

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    Default Re: Best way to dirty up a fragrance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ambolt View Post
    Try vetiver, tobacco, black pepper
    These basics are on my "first occuring to me" list also, along with patchouli. The other ideas are good too.

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