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    Default Daverasi's Swap List (CONUS only)

    Hi Basenotes!

    I have a number of items below and am looking for partial bottles of:

    Decants Of:

    Tom Ford Amber Absolute
    Malle Dries Van Notten

    I'm also lookin for Creed or Penhaligon shave soap.

    I know I have a very small want list. Feel free to let me know what you have...the worst I can say is no and I appreciate all offers!

    Of course, you should feel free to try me on others.

    Please PM me your swap proposal. If your feedback is less than 10 (all positive) I will request that you send your item first.

    Bottles I have to swap are:

    Creed Aubepine Acacia. This is a tester, 75ml bottle with 45/50mls remaining. There is no cap but it will be shipped in the tester box of another Creed The atomizer does not work well. There may be leaking in transit. Note that I will make every effort to prevent leakage while in transit (plumbers tape, etc).

    Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur 100 ml bottle with apx 50% remaining this may still in production but is hard to find and this is, to my knowledge the most recent formulation.

    Yohji Yamamoto Homme 50ml bottle To be clear. This is NOT the fabled Yohji Homme. I had family visit the UK and asked them to pick me up a bottle of Yohji Homme. They got this instead. It's a very nice fragrance I'd say it is great for the spring and summer seasons. It also, to my knowledge, is not available in the US.

    Here are the decants I have to swap (all are 10ml decants unless otherwise noted) :

    Malle - Bois D'Orage/French Lover
    PDN - New York
    Heeley Verveine
    L'Artisan Timbuktu.
    Creed Royal Scottish Lavender
    Creed Royal Oud
    Creed Vetiver 48
    Creed GIT
    Amen Pure Havane
    Dior Vetiver
    Murdock Black Tea
    L'Artisan Ceour de Vetiver Sacre - ~15mls
    Yosh Sombre Negra - 9mls+
    MPG - Jeune Homme -9mls+
    MPG - Parf. D'Habit - 9mls+
    Goutal - Encens Flamboyant - 9mls+
    Caron Pour Un Homme decant with ~20mls
    Caron 3rd Man - 25mls+
    Guerlain Heritage - 20mls+
    Durbano - Black Tourmaline - 10mls+
    Bently Intense for Men - 9mls+

    Thanks Basenoters!
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    Default Re: Daverasi's Swap List (CONUS only)

    I have a 99% full with box of Idole edt. I would be open to sawp of couple of your decants plus $$ if your open to that?

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    Default Re: Daverasi's Swap List (CONUS only)


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