Dear BNers I need your help.
I've bought a sample of Mon Patchouly from First in Fragrance, sprayed it on, wore it a whole day:
I didn't get much patchouli (but this was stated in others reviews); I got an intense floral note (jammy, lactonic more than indolic, as others say, jasmine but this is just... chemistry).
But, mostly, and for the entire time of wearing, I got a piercing ozonic, metallic note (which I didn't like at all!!).
Has anybody else perceived this note? Nobody mention it in the reviews nor in posts. The only clue could be the description, on RM site, of the fragrance as "chypre marin".

Could it be that I'm hypersensitive to the green banana, almost metallic notes of jasmine?

Or, is there something wrong with my sample?

Any idea will be appreciated