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    Default James Bronnley Gentlemans EDT

    Now that the Bronnley range has now been discontinued I have found that I can now get James Bronnley
    by James Bronnley very cheap(£4.99 for 100ml)
    I would like to ask if anyone knows if this would be safe blind buy as I may buy a couple of 100 ml bottles as the shipping is the same cost.
    I have had a look in the directory and it does seem to be quite inoffensive, should i just go for it ?

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    Default Re: James Bronnley Gentlemans EDT

    If this is the one I have a sample of from years ago, then while I didn't think it was anything special when I tried it (though not bad by any means either), at the price you can get it for it is a pretty safe blind-buy, IMO.
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    Default Re: James Bronnley Gentlemans EDT

    The price does look enticing.

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    Default Re: James Bronnley Gentlemans EDT

    Thanks for your replies,just ordered a couple

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