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Thread: Belcam Cologne?

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    Default Belcam Cologne?

    I was at walmart the other day and I was looking at the cologne section, and they had a Polo Big Pony Blue imitation made by Belcam. I really like the Polo stuff so I wanted to try it out and I was really impressed. Smelled great and lasted forever.

    My question is, with all the imitation and knockoff scares about people weird/dangerous things in imitations is Belcam a reputable brand? Or do I need to shell out 6 times as much to get the real thing?

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    Default Re: Belcam Cologne?

    You're better off IMO getting the real thing.

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    Default Re: Belcam Cologne?

    Never smelled Belcam, but like hednic said I would get the real thing also.
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    Default Re: Belcam Cologne?

    I bought the Belcam Bleu de Chanel knockoff on a whim and it was fairly close.

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