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    Default Ethanol absolute 99.9

    i have brought some fragrance oils and ETHANOL ABSOLUTE 99.9%.

    i would like to know wht should be the percentage to fragrance oils and ethanol absolute to make a long lasting perfume.

    or wht other ingredients should i use to make it long lasting

    thank you.

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    Default Re: Ethanol absolute 99.9

    For first experiments, you'd probably want to dilute your oils to 10%; a good start will be bottles of 1 ml oil and 9 ml ethanol.

    To create a long lasting perfume is mostly achieved by the selection of some good base notes. It's more or less the the heavy base molecules that provide this effect. However, top and middle notes will enhance the overall odor, act as blenders, provide lift and diffuseness. It's a rather complicated balancing act.

    I like to create formulations exactly for that purpose: long lasting. Take a look at my formulations for some suggestions.

    For concentrations of the oils compared to the amount of ethanol, (strength) please refer to this numbers, depending on creating an EDC, EDT or EDP.

    Happy perfuming!
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    Default Re: Ethanol absolute 99.9

    There really isn't any need to use expensive anhydrous (absolute) ethanol unless you're planning on carrying out chemical reactions that require it. The standard 95% stuff will work just fine.


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    Default Re: Ethanol absolute 99.9

    Where did you hear it called Ethanol Absolute?
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    Default Re: Ethanol absolute 99.9

    Quote Originally Posted by pkiler View Post
    Where did you hear it called Ethanol Absolute?
    its written on the lable of the of the bottle.

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    Default Re: Ethanol absolute 99.9

    As Skelly said, absolute ethanol isn't necessary. Ethanol forms an azeotrope with water, which means that as soon as you open the bottle of absolute ethanol, it will start absorbing water from the atmosphere and eventually stabilize at 95-96% volume. So you might aswel just buy the 95-96% ethanol.
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    Default Re: Ethanol absolute 99.9

    Absolute Ethanol isn't really suitable for perfume at all as in order to break the azeotrope other things such as benzene or toluene are normally used, which smell bad and / or are poisonous and traces of them normally remain. The very expensive type of anhydrous ethanol for use as a laboratory reagent should be free of these - it's just a waste of money to use it as others have said - but the cheaper stuff produced on an industrial scale as an additive to petrol (gas) isn't suitable at all.
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    Default Re: Ethanol absolute 99.9

    Well said, Chris. I believe that the absolute ethanol that doesn't contain traces of benzene etc is sometimes called spectroscopic grade or HPLC grade.

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