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    Default Antonio Visconti

    Anyone tried anything from this perfume house?

    Italian brand.
    Did a quick sniff. Very conservative. Nothing challenging.
    They had a rose, a tobacco, a fleur de nuit and 3 more.

    Bottles are handmade. EDP in 100ml for about $225.

    Saif Faris I tried Tabarom.
    A honeyed tobacco with hints of cinnamon and plenty of aged carnation. I say aged because it doesn't have that fresh carnation smell. Very damp & dense sensation. It isn't projecting more than 2 cm off of my skin but in those two cm it feels like there's a nuclear reaction.
    Dry down is a crisp tobacco leaf.

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    Default Re: Antonio Visconti

    I tried them. Nice quality but indeed very conservative.
    I consider them boring ,nothing new for that amount of money, may be a nice bottle for the boudoir.

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    Default Re: Antonio Visconti

    A favorite of mine is La Divina Tubereuse, a nice evening scent that is quite "green", but not as astringent as JAR's beautiful Bolt of Lightning. Nevertheless, an attractive bottle.
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    Default Re: Antonio Visconti

    My horses, yes that was my initial impression too. Hoping to find a hidden gem.

    jPhx, maybe that's the hidden gem? Too bad it's not part of the selection here, yet.
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