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    Default and samples?

    I could have sworn I bought a bunch of samples from I also remember a section there just for samples, with several sample sets and descriptions. So either they discontinued this, or I saw it some place else.

    Does anyone else remember this?

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    Default Re: and samples?

    Although personally do not buy samples, I thought it was possible at one time on their US website.

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    Default Re: and samples?

    Yep, I remember it being listed on the site, but it was always as "Temporarily Out of Stock". Not once have I ever seen it in stock. I checked their site just now and it looks like they've completely removed the samples listings.

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    Default Re: and samples?

    They charge 300 dollars for a bottle that costs them 10 dollars. Why bother with lousy 1ml samples for pennies and nickels lol.

    I did get a bunch of samples once when I ordered from them last year.

    thank the lord for
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    Default Re: and samples?

    With you living in LA, why bother paying for samples. Go into one of the many retailers that sell a Creed and get them for free.

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    Default Re: and samples?

    This seller has a few (carded official samples)--

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