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    Default Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    Hey all. I bought this Chanel Pour Monsieur 100 ml bottle from perfumeemporium dot com about a year and a half ago. As you know, the story is that this version is not sold in stores in the US nor at the Chanel boutiques, so we have to get it other ways. I knew from the get go that it was a TESTER bottle, as it clearly stated (and it was a bit cheaper at around $85 + shipping if I remember). Alternatives were strawberrynet at a high high price of over $100. I also don't really trust ebay to not accidentally send CPM Concentree by mistake.

    My tester has nothing wrong with the juice as I can tell. Never had an issue with it nor Perfumeemp. CPM is one of my favorites and I love it dearly.

    As you can see from my pix, the bottle says on the back DEMONSTRATION ne peut etre vendue NOt for sale. The front says



    Eau de Toilette

    The back also says:

    These pictures are taken by me of my TESTER version including the box that came with it. I have used most of the juice over the year, so it was not purchased used. The bottle is simply now almost empty.


    This brings me to my question and the point of this thread:

    There is a shop here in Honolulu, in the vietnamese part of chinatown and this woman has incredible fragrances, many vintage and older ones. I've bought from her with no problem in the past. . I mean, she has old Diors with houndstooth boxes, Hermes with the older packaging, YSL 's including YSL Pour HOmme and Haute, Dior DUNE, Guerlains with the old packging, I mean, Habit Rouge too with old packaging, sealed too. It's a find to be honest. TONS of fragrances old and new. She is somewhat but not very knowledgable about fragrances but is one of those who knows the newer ones and thinks the older ones (vintage) are just simply... older and are priced so. lol.

    So I go in today looking for face creme and I see on the fragrance side in the Chanel area that she has TWO bottles of Chanel Pour Monsieur (not concentree), 100 ml, full boxes, the gray one, tall, just like it should be. And she has one sitting in the back counter half filled and just as a sample or sorts. It smelled heavenly when I lifted it to my nose and smelled the gray cap.

    It had the Made in France on the bottle (which my tester as you can see does NOT say it, but only on the generic box priovided). I also noticed her version did say once "Chanel, then Paris underneath, whereas, and I have several other Chanels, if bought in the US they say Chanel, then Paris underneath, and also next to it they say "Chanel, New York, NY". Two trademarks for Chanel on the Us ones.

    The Key was that this store version did not have the "Senteur, Fraiche, Epicee, Chypree" tag on the back. Does anybody have any version that does not say that on the back?

    Do you think, by any chance, this could be a vintage version?? Or an older version? A French version? A Canadian version? She is selling them at the ungodly low price of $65 for the 100 ml. I hid well my excitement at seeing this. I dont think at all it is a fake, I am pretty aware of Chanel packaging and it is definitely CPM and not a creme rasage (which comes in a similar packaging). Definitely 100 ml spray vaporisateur. It is in the original box, smells incredible, it just does not say that "Senteur, Fraiche" line on the back of the bottle.

    Anybody have a bottle that may be older that can compare? Do the newer ones have that phrase or the older ones? I am just trying to figure out why that bottle does not have that tag line, or do just the TESTERS have that tag line?

    Thanks if you can help. Aloha.
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    Default Re: Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    This "Senteur, Fraiche, Epicee, Chypree" tag is simply a description of the fragrance in French, "Scent, Fresh, Spicy, Chypre" and would be unique to a tester bottle, although I'm not sure what it says about the vintage. Seems most likely it is a French version since it would be odd to print the description in French on an American bottle. Most regular bottles would not have that written on them in any case. My hunch is this is vintage 1980s or 1990s.

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    Default Re: Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    I would agree that it's probably a French version from the past.

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    Default Re: Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    thanks all. I guess I am just trying to figure out a way if I can tell which version the one I saw in that chinatown shop is..

    So I take it no CPM bottles that are sold to the public have that tagline? Either old/vintage or newer?

    I also had read before that older Chanels 'mix' the text on the bottle, the 'newer' bottles placing "eau de toilette' at the bottom whereas the older bottles place the eau de toilette phrase above the Chanel name.? Is this typical of all the Chanels (or at least the ones where there was an older version)

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    Default Re: Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    Buying my plane ticket to Honolulu right now. Wow. Love this post. Thanks for the tip!

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    Default Re: Question about Chanel Pour Monsieur BOTTLE (not CPM Concentree) and juice

    vertatre, I tried replying to your PM but all I got was an error saying you don't want to or can't receive PM's. I have no idea what that's about. Is your inbox full? :-)
    "Ca sent les pieds!"

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