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    Default sample size differences

    hey guys

    i got a question regarding sample sizes from surrender to chance dot com.

    i recently ordered a whole bunch of 1ml vial samples from them.

    i transferred them to 2.5ml atomizers.

    i also transferred some 2ml vial Histoires De Parfums samples to the same 2.5 atomizers, u can see the HdP sample vial that is full on the left of the pic.

    i have a pic below where u can see the atomizers with the 2ml and 1ml liquids.

    is it just me or does the s2c samples not really equate to 1ml??? they look more like .8 of a ml.

    would do u guys think??


    Photo 16-03-13 8 22 36 PM.jpg

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    Default Re: sample size differences

    They definitely are not half as much as the other. Perhaps the 2ml are 2.1ml, and the 1ml are .8 or .9 You have to look closely when you buy from StC or TPC b/c sometimes they are not selling a full ml. I bought a .8ml from them before. When I sell samples on EBAY, I always put .1ml MORE than what I advertize to prevent complaints...I mean how much extra is that really costing me...

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    Default Re: sample size differences

    The 1ml vials only hold 1 ml if you fill them right up to the edge of the glass (just as my 4 quart saucepan hold 4 quarts only when filled to the brim.) But they are still called 1ml vials because of that.

    But you can't cap the vial when it is filled to the brim. You can't ship them or store them without a cap either!
    The inside of the cap and the plastic dabber wand displace some of the volume-- in fact, when capped, the 1ml vials only hold 0.7 to 0.75 mls of liquid.

    This is why Luckyscent calls their samples .7ml samples-- they refer to the volume of liquid, while STC refers to the vial size.

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    Default Re: sample size differences

    Les Senteurs in London states that the samples they sell may not fill the vial, depending on the scarcity of the fragrance being requested. I think this strange when they charge different prices for different samples.

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