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    Default Memoir Man... Yes.

    Just received a sample of Memoir Man. Wow. This is a beautiful, subtle scent. A sharp wormwood/eucalyptus opening (to me the smell is freshly crushed, just-picked eucalyptus leaves), then a walk down a cool tunnel of greenery. Mint and sage, a hint of fig, with the frankincense holding it together. Now there's a note of vanilla and tobacco with a spike of lemon verbena. Some smoke... I can't wait to see what happens next.

    My only concern is that it stays very close to the skin. Admittedly I didn't spray it, but is sillage supposed to be good?

    I'm going to have to try Jubilation XXV and Epic.

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Good frag that gets better on the skin as time goes by.
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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    I seriously love this fragrance. I got a 100mL bottle a few months back from MiN and have not regretted a single wearing of it. I agree with Jack that it gets better with time, but I am personally a huge fan of the wormwood opening. As for projection, it seems good, but the longevity is really where it shines when it comes to performance.
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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Yes, the wormwood is lovely - it really is that bitter astringency that you get from artemisia plants, minus the 'wet dog' smell that some artemisias have.

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    Default Wormwood

    What does wormwood smell like? I've never smelled it before.

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    This is my favorite Amouage scent. I prefer it over XXV.

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    I wanted to like this but i wore this to work a few days and the women at work begged me to never wear it again. They said i smelled like a walking ash tray... Really ruined it for me. This was from 6 different women of all ages. Peformance on this is awesome!

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    Default Re: Wormwood

    Quote Originally Posted by Fragmeister View Post
    What does wormwood smell like? I've never smelled it before.
    It grows as a weed in the UK: tall, bushy silver-grey plant with frondy leaves and yellowish flowers. It smells very pungent: bitter, a bit minty, extremely medicinal; and it can have a sort of wet dog smell in the same way that chrysanthemum leaves sometimes do. I didn't get the wormwood at first in Memoir because the opening is so volatile and mentholated in a pure eucalyptus way. But as soon as the volatile blast diffuses, there it is.
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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Omg I didn't like this at all!

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Horrible stuff ..

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Quote Originally Posted by skism View Post
    Horrible stuff ..

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    I really like this one. My 3rd favorite from Amouage.

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    I love Memoir Man, even as I'm not sure yet whether I want a full bottle. The opening is rich, green, and delicious. It manages to be both fresh and thick at the same time to me. The heart introduces a high-quality frankincense that feels both luxurious and brooding, which I suppose is what this fragrance is all about. Then comes the finish, which is probably the most challenging stage, as Memoir becomes ashy, in a prickly, smoldering way. Like the green absinthe of the opening has been thrown into the ashes of the spent frankincense. It's melancholic, but not dark necessarily. Certainly dry. I wish there were more of the opening at this point, but the trip to get there is wonderful.

    Edit: I get great longevity from Memoir Man, and as for projection, it's one of only a few fragrances that coworkers have commented on (positively, in this case, but mostly from just noticing it). I don't think it's a monster, but it's not shy, either.

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Its certainly an acquired taste.
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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    I think it smells very good.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    i like MM, one of my fav from Amouage
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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Memoir man is terrific juice. One of my favorites from Amouage also.

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    I would rather wear Reflection Man to Memoir Man
    I hate Reflection Man though

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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    A truly amazing fragrance that took me by surprise as to how good it is. Perhaps it is just an aquired taste. But I have always appreciated fragrances like Gucci pour Homme and Salvador Dali pour Homme and find this one to be in the same league.
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    Default Re: Memoir Man... Yes.

    Great fragrance IMO and my favorite Amouage. It was a bit of an acquired taste though as others have mentioned.
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