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    Default Tobacco Vanille....

    Where can I get smaller decants of like 20 or 30ml of this wonderful juice?

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    ebay or perhaps try crystal flacon

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille....

    Best bet would be Ebay.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille....

    Crystal flacon would be my suggestion as well.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille....

    mikesc is heading up a split now over on the splits board. The decant is for 50 ml but the price is right.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Vanille....

    I just looked up how much it would be with the 15%off coupon for a 30ml. it comes out to be 90 dollars.
    50 bucks if you want the 15ml bottle. someone shared the discount code earlier on forum "dsf15" I am not sure if it is still good because it was good for a day or two

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    Check splits board frequently or I recommend heperd (from BN) on crystal falcon

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