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    Question Need SCALE recommendation

    I got the Gemini 20, but it's no bueno

    The fact that it's only 20g is a huge problem. You can't even put a small amber bottle on there, tare, and start dropping. It's instantly over-loaded.

    The little "tray" that you have to use is not user-friendly, and the auto-correct is terrible, too.

    I'm glad I only wasted $20.

    Anyway…I'm hoping somebody has a good, reasonable scale recommendation? I'm at a bit of a standstill, until I get a usable scale.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Need SCALE recommendation

    The Radwag WTB 200 is good. Not cheap though. Mine cost me about 140 Euro. I bought it from a Polish company I found through the magic of Google and Google Translate.

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    Well, actually I think Radwag scales have a great quality/price ratio. Just think that a standard lab scale (reaching the milligram or .1 milligram range) commonly costs between 1000 and 2000 euros.
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    Default Re: Need SCALE recommendation

    Paul Kiler
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    Default Re: Need SCALE recommendation

    That My Weigh 101 is only 0.005. Is that accurate enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkiler View Post
    Should I be concerned about the 0.005 accuracy? Or is that accurate enough?

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    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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    Default Re: Need SCALE recommendation

    That's accurate enough. A drop weighs about 0.03g, depending on viscosity so that should do you.
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    Default Re: Need SCALE recommendation

    I second mr Kiler's recommendation. In fact I found his review on that site looking for a perfuming scale and purchased it solely on his recommendation, I am a happy guy. This is my second MyWeigh scale and they are both good scales, very reliable.

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    I use the Intell-Lab Toploading Balance. Fantastic Scale

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    My recommended considerations for buying a scale are in this post on my blog
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