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    Default Phoenecia Perfumes - anyone tried this house?

    Note: Just a disclaimer, I have no association with this fragrance house or creator, I just have a love of niche houses in the United States.

    Surprise! Another niche house based in the wonderland of Portland, Oregon. It is quite amazing to see the sheer amount of talented individuals in this region. A small collection at the moment, but all of the creations look quite intriguing and definitely worth a sampling at least.

    Phoenecia Perfumes advertises itself as "No Boundaries - No Limitations"

    Little background on the creator, David Falsberg, is blind due to losing his sight to a disease. This in turn has led to an increased sense of smell and, undoubtedly, a unique perspective on fragrances.

    1. Ultraflora - an EDP that captures the creators love of florals, it is pretty much a flower bomb just looking at the notes. Yet including some notes like moss, sandalwood, and vanilla bourbon may lend it a more unisex appeal. The creator notes there is a quite fruity vibe with this creation.

    Top: lavender, bergamot, pink pepper
    Heart: white rose otto, jasmine sambac, dravetz, civet
    Base: vanilla bourbon, benzoin, sandalwood, oak moss

    2. Realoud - an EDP that the creator notes as being a real oud and not another "oud in name only" fragrance that contains a very small amount of oud. Calls it a traditional "mukhallat".

    Traditional clay pot hindi oud, vintage mysore santal, bulgarian red rose, saffron, immortelle, Syed’s amber

    3. Skin Graft - probably the most unique fragrance of the line as it is meant to evoke memories of the sterile smell of hospitals and bandages, harkening back to the creator's traumatic experiences spending time in the hospital as he had his skin grafted while in an induced coma. Wow is all I can really say about that.

    Notes :
    Top: honey, iso-E super
    Heart: jasmne sambac
    Base: opoponax, dry woodsy notes

    Looks like these fragrances are available at Blackbird Apothecary at the moment and come in 5 mL small dabber bottles. With a purchase, part of the proceeds goes to support research of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (which is the disease that caused David Falsberg's blindness) visit
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