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    Default Using Fragrance Based On The Seasons/Weather vs Where you wear them

    I see in the community as well as with myself included, that many tend to base what they wear on the weather and season. I'm now starting to question the significance of where you actually will be wearing your scent in comparison to just the season/weather.

    In the summer many of us like the lighter scents as opposed to the other hand in the winter we like stronger/heavier scents. With that being said I though, well what if you are spending your time primarily inside, in the winter with the heater on.This in a way replicates the hotter seasons and I thought why is it that if we are primarily inside with limited time outside in a place with the heater running, why is it less ideal to wear something like Virgin Island Water for example? I understand how most winter scents like A Men can cut through the cold air, but a lot of times in the winter I find myself not spending that much time outside.

    Then I thought in the summer on the other, if spending your time primarily inside where the A/C keeps the house nice and cold, why is it that Angel Men or Interlude Man in the summer sounds just preposterous?

    So my thoughts are during the winter, its usually hot inside but then for summer its usually kept cool/cold inside, so to wrap it all up, why is it we tend to go off just the outside weather usually?


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    Care to chime in?

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    Default Re: Using Fragrance Based On The Seasons/Weather vs Where you wear them

    I consider myself a "seasonal" wearer for the most part.

    And I understand your thoughts regarding climate controlled environments.

    However (and I know you know this, I'm just explaining my perspective) there's more to seasons than temperature alone. Each season has its own unique rhythm, associations, moods, and energy which can not be altered in any significant way through heating or air-conditioning. And certain notes and combinations of notes, IMO, are better suited at certain times of the year than others.

    I wouldn't wear Burberry London or Pure Malt in the summer even if I was going to be working in a meat-locker all day. The notes don't fit that time of year. Their vibrations don't jibe with the position of the earth in relation to the sun. They don't smell right and they don't feel right unless there's a chill in the air and the days are short. Similarly, I wouldn't VIW in January because it would feel forced and futile, as though I'm trying to conjure the summer instead of just appreciating the winter.

    I have year-round fragrances that I use. These are usually best when worn indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer (Bleu, for example). I also have indoor/winter and outdoor/winter and indoor/summer and outdoor/summer (L'Air Du Desert Marocain for example) specific fragrances and of course a bunch that can be worn indoors and outdoors.

    The indoor/winter vs. outdoor/winter fragrance is something I've come to appreciate as a result of a lot of mistakes i.e., by wearing something indoors in the winter that became incredibly cloying and thick to the point it where it was oppressive and cumbersome. The building I work in is not great in terms of climate control, and is generally either too cold (which I don't mind) or way too hot (which I can't stand).

    I can speak for someone who lives in a place where there are 4 distinct seasons.

    I'm sure if I lived somewhere where it was hot all year, or cold all year, I'd have a different perspective, and I'd definitely be less of a seasonal wearer.

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    Default Re: Using Fragrance Based On The Seasons/Weather vs Where you wear them

    Finally Im posting....Im really interested to hear the experts chime in on this one. Ive been trying to figure this one out too......

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    Default Re: Using Fragrance Based On The Seasons/Weather vs Where you wear them

    I made a thread exactly like this. I agree 100%. And most of the posters said that they would wear citrus in the summer because its "cool" and woodsy-oriental scents in the winter because it's "warm". Nothing to do with projection.

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    Default Re: Using Fragrance Based On The Seasons/Weather vs Where you wear them

    I wear anything in my collection at any time of year.

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    Default Re: Using Fragrance Based On The Seasons/Weather vs Where you wear them

    I think seasonal wearing will vary a lot based on not just the weather but also on where you live. In fact, the hotter the climate, the easier it is to wear HEAVIER scents in summer.


    In hotter climates, people live in air conditioned environments. That's very different than the Pacific Northwest, where I live. Here, most don't have AC at home, and many don't even have it at work. It's easier to wear heavier scents in chilly AC air.
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    Default Re: Using Fragrance Based On The Seasons/Weather vs Where you wear them

    Generally I feel like if I'm just chilling at home OR a similar environment with open space and a controlled climate, I can just relax and experiment with whatever I want and to be honest I've never found it to be overbearing at all.

    Like for example if you're just walking through a mall, mild temperature, not too hot and not too cold, I really think you could wear anything in a spacious atmosphere like that.

    I even wore A Men in the hot and humid south and when outside I felt it had a pretty thick aura but I went to class and it cooled down and the girl behind me complimented me and even asked what it was. Another time I was in a similar situation rushing, hot, and sweaty from the humid heat and I was wearing the power house 1 Million which is also thought of a winter scent and also got a compliment from the girl behind me.

    ^Thats kind of irrelevant, but on another note most people can care less about the what season a scent is aimed for.
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