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    Default Which CdG for spring and summer?

    I am excited to hear some answers.


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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Vetiveru is pleasantly fresh and zingy. More an eau de cologne though, in the sense that it has to be reapplied throughout the day as the freshening need arises.

    CDG2 man for something that is suitably elegant and complex (incense etc), but still manages to maintain a certain lightness and freshness also for the summer. (I think someone compared it to a cold church, which is quite useful also in the summer).


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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    I'd go for 71, Carnation, Champaca, Skai, or 2. I use 2 myself, but others might find it stuffy for very hot or humid days.

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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Another for Vetiveru

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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer? more! An enthusiastic one - don't hesitate.

    Buy a 500ml jug and splash it on. Just pour 'some' from the big bottle into the cap and cover neck, chest, back of your hands and arms. One cannot over-apply and although it is not a loud scent, you will certainly smell fantastic. Excellent longevity (around 6 hours on me - indoors) for an Eau de Cologne. One of the best scents for price - considering the amazing quality and depth. Love the neroli in here, the touch of light saltiness and the white cedar note in the base. Great opening, heart and dry down!

    You can always decant some and refresh at work or when you are outside on a warm day.



    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Another for Vetiveru
    “Some perfumes are as fragrant as an infant’s flesh, sweet as an oboe’s cry, and greener than the spring; While others are triumphant, decadent or rich; Having the expansion of infinite things, like ambergris and musk, benzoin and frankincense, which sing the transports of the mind and every sense.”

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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Vetiveru. Works well no matter how hot it gets. Has good longevity for a cologne. I usually just to a couple more sprays than usual and it lasts all day.

    To me, 2 Man screams autumn, although happily wear CdG 2 in spring and summer.
    I quite like Hinoki in spring, but not in summer. Then again, German summers are probably a good deal cooler than here where it is usually over 32 degrees and humid.

    Not a favourite of mine, but Amazingreen has an cool, clean aquatic vibe, if you don't mind that throwback to the 90's retro feel (I blame the aromachemical calone...).
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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Vettiveru for sure, Citrico and also Odeur 53.

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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Another vote for Vettiveru, but certainly also Odeur 71. I agree that CdG 2 (in the silver bottle) works well in warm, but maybe not hot, weather.

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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Amazingreen of the few I've tried, I'd be keen to sample Vettiveru though.
    Smelling good on a budget!
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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Even the initially released unisex EDP (1994) would, in my opinion, work very well during spring and less warm, more humid and cool summers.
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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    Vetiveru for summer.

    CDG 2 sprayed lightly for spring. I say lightly because otherwise it can become very strong.
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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    I like Artek. A fresh vetiver scent with a dash of IKEA pine wood.
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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    CDG does a LOT of nice stuff for warmer summery are my picks

    (the original one)
    CDg for H&M

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    Default Re: Which CdG for spring and summer?

    All great choices so far! Just to add one that hasn't been mentioned, Comme des Garcons Series 5: Sherbet Rhubarb. Very nice green summer fragrance.
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