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    Question Aeroplane by Detaille

    I just purchased a bottle of Aeroplane as Detaille fragrances are now available in the US on Amazon and at Beauty Encounter, etc. I should be receiving it soon. From what I can tell, Aeroplane is the founding citrus chypre much in the style of Eau de Sud and others. I do not know when it was released except that Detaille claims it opened its doors in 1905. Does anyone have any additional information regarding this fragrance?

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    I have this in my collection as I do the entire Detaille Men's line of five fragrances. You are going to enjoy Aeroplane when you receive it. You made an excellent purchase IMO.

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    I received Aeroplane today and have worn it briefly. It shares many similarities to Eau Sauvage, Eau de Sud, and vintage Chanel pour Monsieur. It is, however, superior to Sauvage and Sud (not better than vintage Chanel). The chypre idea here was clearly taken from Sauvage and Sud. Louis Pallier, who presumably owns Detaille, told me that most the Detaille fragrances are from 1905, but were reformulated when he bought the company in 1987. Aeroplane opens with a nice citrus with some herbs and then dries down to an excellent oakmoss base--some genuine oakmoss I suspect from the depth and animalic tone. Buy this now while it is available in the US.

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