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    Default Is my Creed real?

    Hey hows it going? I recently bought a bottle of Aventus from fragrancenet and i wanted your opinions. I got the little pamphlet in Arabic writing so i wasn't to sure. The lot numbers match.

    Here are screen shots since i couldnt upload the photos
    Ring thing
    Bottles Lot #
    Boxes Lot #

    Hopefully you all can help!

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    If it was purchased from Fragrancenet it's 100% authentic.

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    Those creeds that come with the Arabic pamphlet smell just like the original Aventus so you re okay. Enjoy it.

    Just kidding lol

    its real

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    It's fine

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    Awesome, thank you!

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    Once a week.

    CREED Aventus
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    DIOR Homme Intense
    Guerlain L'IDGExtreme
    Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    Chanel Allure Edition Blanche
    Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male
    Thierry Mugler Pure Malt

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    Real? Sure. Treated and stored properly? Who knows.

    The "Grey Market" is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you're gunna get.

    But if it smells nice, enjoy!

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    Quote Originally Posted by Christian M View Post
    Once a week.
    At least 3x a week.

    Everything from fragrancenet is 100% real.
    Want to trade - Chanel Platinum Egoiste for Dior Eau Sauvage...

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    Sounds like the name of a song. Is My Creed Real?
    Last edited by Dernier_Cri; 23rd March 2013 at 08:09 AM.

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    Default Re: Is my Creed real?

    Please use the search box, there are 1,789,234 "is my Creed real" threads with lots of people willing to help.

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