Yesterday I've spent a few hours at Esxcence and ended up with a pretty mighty nose fatigue, so I couldn't comment.
Today, though, I'm wearing small dabs of two fragrances that I don't see listed (yet) and that I think are very nice indeed. On my right hand, there's Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince (created by Duchafour, - what I can say about this is don't trust the blotter. On paper it's, to put it bluntly, cat pee. Lots of cat pee, all the time (the blotter I sprayed 24 hours ago and left out in the open for the last 20 still smells like cat pee). On skin, though, it immediately transforms into an absolutely wonderful rendition of, well, the nicest-smelling forest undergrowth I've ever found. I'm gonna have to try it on a larger scale than the back of my hand, but there's a definite bottle-worth potential here.

On my left hand I'm wearing Oud Assam by Rania J (created by herself, and it's a gorgeus, gorgeus Oud. I'm no oud lover, mind, and my experience wearing the note is rather limited: just a few Montale samples, the non-Oud from Creed and the Acqua di Parma one, and Rania J's effort is nothing like those.
I have also smelled quite a few ouds on a blotter, too, and Oud Assam reminds me of the 130€/ml Amouage Al Khaloud. Not the massive, overpowering initial olfactory assault of the attar, which I'll admit I couldn't stomach, but the wonderfully smooth, woody/smoky and entirely benign drydown. With the difference that I had to wait two days for Amouage's blotter to reach that stage, while Oud Assam is there after a couple hours on my skin (without having been through the Sarin fase, either). So yeah, I love this and, if the full try goes as well, I'm pretty sure I'm going to shell out for a bottle.

The best part is both sell samples through their websites, so you don't have to trust me =)