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    Default Patchouli lovers?

    I have been asked about a patchouli scent with a little something to tame it and not being a patchouli lover myself I draw a blank. Any fragranistas out there who got a thing for patchouli that can help me out?

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Chanel Coromandel is always my first thought any time patchouli comes up - it's just simply the most elegant and luxurious patchouli perfume I know of, and not at all reminiscent of headshop patch. It's not a dirty, or mentholated patch either, so it might be just the "tame" sort of patchouli you're looking for. I like it just fine in blends, but I'm generally not really a huge patchouli soliflore lover ...but Coromandel makes me think I am.
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    My favourite patchouli scent is Givenchy Gentleman, and I don't care that it's supposedly a men's fragrance.
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Agree Coromandel, or the Mazzolari Patchouli one is sweeter & more feminine imo.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    I love patchouli and some of my favs are:

    Montale - Patchouli
    (Leaves), Réminiscence - Patchouli / Elixir -- mainly patch and amber
    Villoresi - Patchouli -- a dry herbal patch
    Nicolai - Patchouli -- a "classic style" scent with patch in the background

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    I enjoy ambery/sweet patchoulis or soft patchoulis, so my favorites are Mazzolari Patchouli (as an example of the former), as well as Parfumerie Generale Intrigant Patchouli and Etat Libre d'Orange Nombril Immense (as examples of the latter).

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    I strongly agree that Chanel Coromandel is a fabulous patchouli-centered fragrance. Coromandel is elegant and smooth and oh-so-beautiful.

    I admit to being very fond of smooth/rich Patchouli perfumes. The rough, herbal Patchouli has its attractions, but I am much more drawn to the former style.
    Here are some of my favorites:
    Prada by Prada

    L'Artisan Patchouli Patch

    Etro Patchouli

    Les Nereides Patchouli Antique

    Krigler Lovely Patchouli

    Montale Patchouli Leaves

    Reminiscence Patchouli

    Divine L'Imperatrice

    Agent Provocateur L'Agent

    Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights

    Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

    Estee Lauder Sensuous Noir

    Calvin Klein Euphoria

    Yves Rocher Neonatura Cocoon

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Totally agree with the above Chanel Coromandel suggestions. I love a nice patch note, but seldom like a patch dominant scent. Coromandel hits all my buttons. LOVE!

    L'Artisan Patchouli Patch is another smooth and fairly easy patch fragrance.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    I second Prada and Coromandel.

    Patchouli in a light dose can be found in Histoires de Parfums' „1826 Eugénie de Montijo”. Lovely with the violets blended in.

    Darker and with a hint of wet earth is „Psychédelique” by Jovoy Paris.

    And last but not least the perfume oil by Jalaine „Patchouli”, which is warm, dry and soft and because of it's carrier substance without those hippie-headnotes. It has a pleasantly non-gourmandish touch of dark chocolate.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    l would add Patchouli lmperial by Dior; a lovely, smooth patchouli with no sharp edges or headshop earthiness.
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    I second Coromandel and the Nicolai. Both have clear patch, but they are rich perfumes in the classical tradition, with no feel whatsoever of headshops. Coromandel is warm and smooth, the Nicolai is a little acidic and woodier.

    And I also second the Dior. In addition to the Patch imperial, which is primarily patch, I'd also mention Mitzah, which is an amber with patch, so even smoother.


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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Another thumbs up for Coromandel. In addition, Ulrich Lang Nightscape is an ethereal patchouli which strays into unisex territory despite the male categorisation. Anyone looking for a lighter interpretation should consider giving it a try.
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    You all are soooooo awesome!! Thanks so much for the recommendations, my friend will be thrilled!!

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    A different approach of patchouli which really worth trying is Mon Patchouli from Ramon Monegal

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Coromandel is the most beautiful patchouli out there, IMO.

    Some softer patchouli scents are:
    Keiko Mecheri - Patchoulissime
    Juliette Has a Gun - Calamity J.
    Etat Libre d'Orange - Nombril Immense

    Anne Pliska and I Profumi di Firenze - Ambra del Nepal are two beautiful patchouli-amber scents.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Midnight Poison Elixir, Portrait of a Lady Frederic Malle.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Evody Ambre Intense is a beautiful amber/patch combo

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Here are some of my favorite patchouli perfumes: ( In no particular order )

    High End:
    1) L' Artisan Parfumeur - Patchouli Patch
    2) Serge Lutens - borneo 1834

    Mid Range:

    3) Tom Ford - Black Orchid
    4) Chanel - Coromandel
    5) Dior - Midnight Poison
    6) Victor&Rolf - Flowerbomb
    7) Agent Provocateur - L'Agent
    8) Estee Lauder - Sensuous Noir

    Inexpensive but awesome!!

    9) Queen Latifah - Queen ( I don't care that this can be bought for a song on Ebay, its wonderful!! smells very very expensive.
    10) Queen Latifah -Queen of Hearts ( I love this too!!!) These both smell very high end niche brand!
    11) Dana - Tabu I just adore this old time scent!! so darn sexy and seductive...very intriguing!
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    I love patchouli, my favorite patchouli fragrances are Coromandel, Coco Noir, Lady Vengeance, Allure Sensuelle, NR For Her EDP.
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Maybe not extremely 'feminine' but here are my favorites:
    Midnight Poison
    Une Rose Chypree
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Recently bought smell bents She wolf, which has plenty of sweet candied patchouli, stirred up with some citrus, lavender and plenty of musk. Still fresh enough to be a daytime fragrance , special but not offensive. Plus the prices are more Than reasonable!
    I think it would do as a first step to get to know patch better
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Chanel Chance - men love this perfume! Chance Eau Tendre OR Chance Eau Fraiche to tame it.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    I completely agree with those who suggested Coromandel; one of the best uses of patchouli in a fragrance in my opinion.

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    Thumbs up Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Reminiscence ELIXIR DE PATCHOULI
    Mazzolari LUI and PATCHOULY
    Santa Maria Novella PATCHOULI
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    What does patchouli smell like?

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    If I got it right, you're looking for a tamed patchouli and not a straight forward one...if that's right, several of the suggestions above will definitely be no-go for you. I'll second Coromandel as one of the smoothest around and I'll add Cozè which is enriched by subtle gourmandic nuances, green undertones and woods. Very outdoorsy, airy and sophisticated...

    If you want to experience a real patchouli that's not too earthy, give a chance to Von Eusersdorff Classic Patchouli. An incredible comfort scent. Outstanding balance, superb quality.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    For a fancy patchouli, Coromandel.

    For a straight up dank patchouli try the trio from Reminiscence.
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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Patchouli Indonesiano and Lovely Patchouli 55 Night are my favorites
    Top ten

    1. Patou Pour Homme
    2. Patou Pour Homme Prive
    3. Portrait of a lady
    4. Jubilation XXV
    5. Cashmere Oud
    6. Tribute Attar
    7. Ambre 114
    8. Clive Christian No. 1
    9. Jardin d Amalfi
    10. Eau de Patou Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    My favourite patchouli scent is for men Madness Chopard and for all Encre Noir - it is great that this is very near Sycomore.

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    Default Re: Patchouli lovers?

    Coromandel is my absolute favorite patchouli scent! I also like SJP's Lovely, but it's pretty strong.

    I also enjoy Dior Midnight Poison, which was a pain to track down when I was looking for it, but I see that 99Perfume has it in stock now.

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