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    Default Desperate looking for something very close to "Jour de fête"

    Hi to everybody in Basenotes,

    I'm Elena from Italy (Fano, PU), 38 years, mother, dancer and employee (in order of importance
    ..and I'm new here.

    I just reached Basenotes while wandering through the web, looking for information about my future fragrance ....which as to be VERY VERY close to my superloved discontinued "Jour de fête" by L'Artisan Parfumeur.

    Can anybody help me here? ..please.. suggest me something I can find and try with an almost quite sure success (not too vanilla, not too almond, not only powdery ..but that pefect combination of all these.. this fragrance never became too confetti-like on my skin, it always retained a lovely freshness and "greenness" ....even if it faded too quick)

    Unattainable hope?


    thank you all ain advance!

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    Default Re: Desperate looking for something very close to "Jour de fête"

    First of all, Welcome Elena!! Even though you joined before me?

    I have not smelled the L'artisan fragrance, but a few people on Fragrantica think it smells like Etro Heliotrope, could be worth a try. Aqua di Parma Mandorlo di Sicilia is another almond/vanilla fragrance, shouldn't be too hard to sample in Italy. Good luck with your search!
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    Default Re: Desperate looking for something very close to "Jour de fête"


    I have not smelled the frag, unfortunately, but from the description I understand it was a floral almondy. Typically, this characteristic scent profile is given by heliotropin, a substance that has regrettably been restricted from current perfumery, so I suspect it'll be a hard search.

    That said, Etro had a frag called Heliotrope that sounds like it - I suspect it's been discontinued as well, but I still see it (old stock) here and there in Italy. Parfums de Nicolai Kiss me tender also is such a frag - and it has been composed after the restriction. It is more floral than almondy, but perhaps that's what you're looking for. PdN is a niche brand that's not easy to find, but it is not expensive. If you haven't done so, you should also check l'Erbolario Mandorla; it's just almond, not flowers, but again, who knows.

    The classic reference for heliotropin were Guerlain Apres l'ondee, Guerlain Heure Bleue, and Caron Farnesiana. Regrettably, all three have been reformulated and no longer have the heliotropin note.


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    Default Re: Desperate looking for something very close to "Jour de fête"

    Perhaps Amandes Orientales by Montales

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    Default Re: Desperate looking for something very close to "Jour de fête"

    I really thank all of you search has just begun ...I'll let you know


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    Default Re: Desperate looking for something very close to "Jour de fête"

    Hi Elena,

    I also love Jour de Fête and I have not found anything really close to it.

    Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia smells like root beer and vanilla ice cream, with sugared almonds added, and a bit of musk. Not really the same, but worth trying.

    Hilde Soliani Conaffetto is much the same as Mandorlo di Sicilia, but it has a little bit of orange blossom and is very expensive.

    I smelled Etro Heliotrope at Aedes de Venustas 3 or 4 years ago but I honestly didn't like it very much and I can't recall why. Still, try it if you can; you may feel differently about it.


    I found this article about heliotrope scents like JdF:

    Update: Jour de Fête is being re-released in March 2014 as a limited edition.
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