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    Default help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Hello guys,

    I am looking for the perfect wedding scent. I would love it to be classy, elegant, and radiant.

    At the moment the following fragrances are in the run:

    dia by amouage

    en passant by frederic malle

    muguet blanc by van cleef

    mille et une rose by lancome

    trama from the line perle di bianca

    my skin is very light and transforms fragrances into sth ethereal.

    I would love to hear your suggestions.
    I am not a tubereuse kind of girl. I like my scent to echo but not in the wild way :-))
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    En Passant is a lilac, if you would like another lilac that's nice, Ineke's After My Own Heart is a good one.
    Stella is another rose to consider maybe. But I think the Ineke would be good.

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Either En Passant or Muguet blanc . Another suggestion can be Opardu from Puredistance which is a lilac perfume but build in Dia's manner

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Actually, I worked for years in the niche business and I find it hard to decide.
    What I would love is a fragrance that is leaving an impression in his mind. One that he will identify with THE day.
    Yet I do not want anything too strong. Gold, jubilation, tabac blond are in my wardrobe. but they are definitely too strong for a wedding scent- so it has to be a subtle stunner.
    after my own heart is beautiful , unluckily it does not give a good effect on my skin.
    I just feel I would love to hear from everybody what they see at a wedding.

    or vote for one of the above :-))

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    oh i never heard of opardu, I wonder where i could sniff it
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Ormonde Jayne - Ormonde Woman is classy and elegant
    AUSSIES, join our exclusive niche split club.

    Currently splitting:

    Amouage - Tribute, Homage and OPUS VII
    Andy Tauer - Noontide Petals, Miriam and Loretta
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    The Different Company - Oud Shamash, Oud for Love and Aurore Nomade
    Guerlain - Sous Le Vent, Angélique Noire, Bois d'Armenie, Cruel Gardenia, Rose Barbare

    and many more niches up for split...

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Maybe one from Jo Malone London Blooms collection? White Lilac and Rhubarb is nice, I don't get any rhubarb really. Mostly fresh, green lilac. Not sure if you are a fan of Jo Malone though. If you don't like any suggested, I'd go for En Passant.

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    I think that you can order a sample from Puredistance or from aus liebe zum duft, it really worth trying it if you want a special scent. It is not as strong as an Amouage perfume but has much more presence than En Passant

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    l know you said you do not like tuberose, but have you tried Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia? To my nose, this one is much more about gardenia than tuberose, & "classy, elegant & radiant" describes it perfectly. IMO this is the perfect wedding scent.
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    I also was going to mention maybe something from the EL Private Collection..worth looking into perhaps, though I haven't smelled the tuberose gardenia..I am not a fan of tuberose either.
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    I will try to get the sample of opardu. tomorrow I will head of to try the ones you suggested, hopefully i will find them. dia get soft, present , yet sbulte on my skin, cause it is very light and dry ,so it can handle a good dose of presence, it never gets overwhleming. strangely enough en passnt resists, though much lighter.
    i am really torn.... i just want sth he will adore and that will be memorable...

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    tubereuse is pretty but very overwhelming and i dont want to bedazzle my guests so much they dont smell the food after.
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    If it's on a warm day, you could try Carnal Flower. It is not tuberosey in the classic sense. Again, on a warm day Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan will bloom in all its delicate beauty. If it is spring you could go with Iris Ukyioe. Out of your collection I think Dia is the most suitable. I also think Ormonde Jayne Tiare and Osmanthus may be nice.

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Isabey - Gardenia
    Chanel - Beige
    La Chasse aux Papillons
    Annick Goutal - Grand Amour
    Ormonde Jayne - Ta'if

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    HDDP, I was going to say the same thing, my very first thought was Ormonde Jayne, Woman. Of course it's on my mind because I just wore it this past week and thought how very much I loved it as it developed on my skin.

    Ta'if is another good pick, bonsai. I wore that yesterday and it had the same effect. Both were beautiful scents that had complexity to them while retaining their sheer beauty.
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Nothing too strong - save that for after the wedding!

    Your idea of muguet is a great one - Guerlain has the special once a year Muguet they release on May 1 - would that be in time for the occasion?

    Other option: traditional orange blossom. Personally, I do not care for Jo Malone. I'd go for the new, beautiful Houbigant Fleur d' Oranger (sorry, can't remember the exact name right now) applied lightly.

    Both Muguet and Orange blossom are traditional wedding flowers and I think either of those soliflores would be beautiful and feminine AND uncommon as so many people think "extravagance" at a time like this - perhaps just a drop in your hair as well.

    If you like the idea of a floral bouquet, Le De (even the new one) by Givenchy is a demure floral.

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Illuminum White Gardenia Petals or Champs Elysées Guerlain.
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Hello. Congratualions on your forthcoming wedding. Either of the Lilacs suggested would be lovely.

    Can I also make a suggestion of a different kind? Of course you don't want to overwhelm your guests but it would be nice to have something with some memorable presence, something whcih will shimmer around you all day. How about this, with a light touch of course;

    Armani Prive, Rose D'Arabie. An incredibly romantic Rose Oud, one thousand and one Arabian Nights in a bottle.

    Or, a lighter option; Ramon Monegal Lovely Day. Very radiant and shimmery rose, jasmine and Iris on a light woody base with a little twist of something like anise.

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    As you're figuring out which fragrance might be The One for your special day, do ask yourself some of these questions:

    Do you want this to be a special-occasion only fragrance? I.e., just the wedding and anniversaries, to remind yourself and him of your special day? If so, then I would NOT choose one of your favorites. You may feel odd about wearing your wedding fragrance to work.

    Conversely, if you want him to remember it and associate it with you and that day, might I suggest that he will need more than just one wearing of it (with you reminding him of what it is ) in order to get it locked into his memory? Scent repetition is usually key to being able to recognize it. In which case, you want to make sure that you choose something that you really do like a lot, that you could see yourself wearing often.

    Finally, when it comes down to it, who are you wearing it for? You? Him? Both of you? You may want to do a few trial runs with him, to make sure he doesn't hate it or have a sneezing fit when smelling it.

    Just a few thoughts.
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    thank you for all the kind answers. he loves dia and en passant. both are having romantic meanings for us. i wanted sth like the muguet because i find it a bit similar on my skin to the en passant dry down. and i think thy stoped selling it in europe, it could be just the one day fragrance then. and my faves as you said remain untouched, yet i would have sth similar... tomorrow i will hit the stores
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    I don't believe there is a perfect wedding scent and that it should be limited to white florals. The perfume is more about what it reveals about yourself at that moment than a mere olfactory accessory to such event.

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    oh perfect doesn´t pretend perfection for everybody, perfection is as subjective as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. i am looking for my scent at the moment each skin is different as is each bride
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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Here are some ideas that sprang immediately to mind for a gorgeous wedding perfume! Some are fairly obvious, and others are probably strange LOL. I think they are all beautiful and romantic in their own ways...Listed in no particular order.
    1) Estee Lauder Private Collection - Tuberose Gardenia
    2) Kilian - Love and Tears
    3) Serge Lutens - A La Nuit
    4) CB I hate Perfume-Cradle of Light / **heart-breakingly beautiful!!!
    5) Serge Lutens - Un Lys
    6) Annick Goutal - Songes
    7) Amouage - Tribute
    8) Amouage - Lyric Woman
    9) Guerlain Shalimar / **probably an odd choice, but its so soft and feminine...I love it!

    - - - Updated - - -

    UGH I completely forgot you mentioned you did not like tuberose...sorry! the EL Tuberose Gardenia imo is more about the gardenia then the tuberose... and I forgot if very much tuberose is in the other selections, I think they are more jasmine, I have to check!

    Another idea that just popped into my head is also a jasmine scent; Marc Jaccobs Blush. It's very affordable and lovely! There are lots of super gorgeous Orange Blossom perfumes as well. Some that come to mind first are:

    1) L' Artisan Fleur d' Orangeur - very sophisticated and beautiful!
    2) Hermes 24. Faubourg - orange blossom and amber! yummy...
    3) Kilian Sweet Redemption

    Another totally random idea I just thought of is Les Exclusifs de Chanel Coromandel -warm, balmy & spicy!

    I am rather new to my perfume obsession so bear this in mind if any of these ideas are really odd
    ****Making the world a better place One Scented Hug at a Time.... ****

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    I love Amouage Dia... It is a gorgeous feminine scent to me, and very romantic.

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    I wouldnt normally say this because this line is very expensive, but have you tried wearing Creed? Its a Royal fragrance. The designer James Creed was a favorite of the English Court and Queen Victoria, therefore only used for the best of the best occassions, such as a wedding. Good luck !

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    Default Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. i will let u know what i came up with
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