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Thread: Gaiac 10

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    Question Gaiac 10

    What niche perfumes are similar to Gaiac 10?

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    Perhaps Gaiac by Micallef

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    Oddly, despite Gaiac 10 being made up of very few notes, there really isn't anything like it. Closet you'll get is Kyoto in the Incense Series by Comme des Garcons. Think of Gaiac 10 as a stripped Kyoto with the use of higher quality notes.
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    When I smelled 450 by Farmacia Santissima Annunziata in the store, the drydown somehow reminded me of Gaiac. However, I do not own either, so it could have been just my fantasy.


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    Gaiac 10 smells like Gaiac 10 and nothing else. It is a fragrance that has no top notes and possibly no heart notes either. It is all very sublime base note of gaiac wood which is atmospheric, slightly smokey, and a mix of fuzzy musks. Several musks have a soft non focused quality in the base. Normally gaiac is used as a background note to add depth to other more prominent wood notes in the base. It is a strange fragrance but does somehow fit the idea of Tokyo where it is a limited edition. I was disappointed with it. The bottle smelled like it was about a third lighter in intensity than the sample I got. I complained to LeLabo about it, but they were in total denial about the possibility that these two could be different even though I have them both in hand. Anyway. I don't recommend it. Don't know what might be similar either.
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