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Thread: Weil Zibalien

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    Default Weil Zibalien

    I saw this on ebay:

    Zibalien by Weil? Would that be Zibeline, so marketed in a different language? Interesting bottle anyway.


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    Default Re: Weil Zibalien

    I have always seen it as Zibeline.

    Who knows why this is different?

    Cool find!
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    Default Re: Weil Zibalien

    The price isn't horrid, one is almost tempted. But it looks like one of those bottles that's been in the open and the liquid has thus fully deteriorated.


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    Default Re: Weil Zibalien

    Never seen it as Zibalien either.

    (Though if this was Caron they would almost certainly be two different scents.)

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    Default Re: Weil Zibalien

    Well, that's an oddity! This sent me poking about my bookmarks looking for the details on the Weils fleeing France during WWII. I recall reading that the Weil name was given to a German firm some time between 1940 and the end of the war, upon which the Weil bros reclaimed it. It is the spelling Zibalien that made me think that, along with a typeface for the brand name that looks different from the usual.

    ps—cacio, I am pm-ing you re: Zibeline
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    Default Re: Weil Zibalien

    I think I'm going to be a total cow and i think I'm going to buy it. I may live to regret this but I bought four cheapy Jonute Perfumes and that has been my only in the 12 years that I've been collecting perfumes.

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    Default Re: Weil Zibalien

    my rule although am very new , but after 2 fakes i have a rule!

    never to buy vintage perfume, opened bottle, from sellers that dont exclusively sell perfumes only! both fakes came from random perfume sellers so to say...this seller offers some nice vintage stuff, still i would stick to my rule
    also this seems to be a bottle not a perfume that is important

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    I'll take your word for it!!!

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