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    Default Does JPG Fraicheur Intense exist?

    On Wednesday I went to Macy's and started sampling the colognes they had out on display. I got the chance to try out some of the newer scents I hadn't smelled before which was nice.

    The salesperson who was helping me had sprayed a scent on a card which I thought was the new Le Beau Male by JPG in the white bottle. However in the midst of confusion with all the different scented cards before me I came back to the one I liked most. I asked her which one it was and she wrote the name of it on the card for me which was 'Jean Paul Gaultier Fraicheur Intense".
    When I got home I googled the fragrance but was unable to find any scents with that name by JPG or any other designers they had for that matter.

    So my question is does this fragrance exist or did she confuse the name somehow and it was actually the Le Beau Male by JPG?
    I should add that this is a very nice fragrance (which I now want a bottle of) and the scents remains on the card she gave me 2-3 days later. I am not very good at describing scents/notes but this seems very fresh/aquatic/floral/soapy with no resemblance to the original Le Male that I can tell.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I must have this one now, lol.
    I could always go back and see if she can identify it again (if she's there that day) but by then she may not remember or the scent on the card may have faded.


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    Default Re: Does JPG Fraicheur Intense exist?

    It is Le Beau MÔle. Eau de toilette fraicheur intense

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