Hello fellow Basenoters!!

I have not posted in some time but today something cool happened so I thought I would share, well it was cool for me anyways .

Anyways today I decided to stop by TJ Maxx to check out the mens fragrance selection to see if they had anything new to feed my fragrance addiction. Today's selection was pretty much the same old same old but out of the corner of my eye I saw it... a gift set box of *Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris*. This fragrance has long been on my radar but I have yet to pull the trigger. The box had a red sticker so I was pretty sure it was like most gift sets at TJ Maxx (missing something) and I was right, it was missing the body wash or deodorant (not sure what was supposed to be in the empty slot) but the 4.2oz full bottle of *Midnight in Paris* was there and it was red tagged for 29$. I was more than happy to pay this price for it but I decided to speak to the young lady working the jewelry counter to see if I could get it a little cheaper. I kindly explained to her that the half of the product was gone and the bottle was probably tested a few times already. She then turned around and printed up a new sticker and slapped it on the box. I expected the new sticker to be 25$ but to my surprise she marked it down to 15$ (nearly half off the current red sticker price ).

I nearly jumped over the counter and gave her a big hug but I figured I would rather enjoy wearing this stuff from the comfort of my own home instead of a jail cell ! Now that I have got this stuff home and have had a chance to wear it for a little while I can see why so many people like it! It does remind me of a milder version of *Bvlgari Black* which I also own. I thought Bvlgari Black had a little to much of a rubber smell but *Midnight in Paris* tones it down some and is much much more enjoyable to me. That is about all I can say about it because I am really bad at describing the scent of my fragrances

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that my excitement is shared by all... I am pretty sure most of you have an "awesome find" story of your own to tell!