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    I need some help, please! This is a somewhat embarrassing question, but I really need some expert opinions to help solve my problem. I am looking for a new scent that helps me control my embarrassing body odor problem. Iíve tried body sprays, deodorant and perfumes, but nothing seems to help. I would really like a scent that lasts a long time, but I do not want anything too heavy or sweet. I really enjoy citrus notes and stay away from vanillas. Although I am still in my mid-thirties, I would like a scent that isnít too stuffy and is somewhat young and hip. I am a junior high drama teacher, so I am pretty active and really donít want to smell like one of my teeny bopper students. IN addition, I work a physically demanding job 2 nights week for extra income, so it should be a versatile scent. Iíve heard that lavender scents can be calming, especially for people like me who tend to have high anxiety issues. Please help me find a new perfume! Thank you!

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    You seem to be talking about a severe body odor problem that is outside of the norm. In which case, it is probably a good thing to consult a dermatologist to see if it has any particular cause, and if so, act on that in the proper way. Diet can sometimes help (meat and protein tend to increase odor, and garlic is of course a no no), but only so much.

    I'm not sure covering with perfume could solve the problem. I assume you've tried antiperspirants. That said, certain marine scents are so powerful that they cover bad odors well. I actually don't like those scents, but cover they do. An example is Light Blue. Alternatively, you could try some old powerhouses; perfumes in the 70s and 80s were designed with smokers in mind, so somehow they tend to work well with other odors. Stuff like Aramis, Azzaro pour homme, Antaeus, Rive Gauche for man, and the like.

    That lavender is calming is a tenet of aromatherapy, but I don't think there's any evidence. But lavender does smell fresh and clean, though it is usually not very long lasting.


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    Default Re: Need help, please

    Chanel Cristalle or Guerlain Vetiver.

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    I recommend Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. It smells so wonderful and fresh and I think it would help you a lot. Another suggestion would be Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. I absolutely LOVE this scent and always receive compliments whenever I wear it; Top notes are Woody notes, vanilla, musk and powdery. I think this is one of those stellar classic scents that everyone should at least try... Its so hard to describe- its so darn comforting and beautiful! The reason I thought it might work for your "issue" is because it really lasts a long time and its a very lovely "non-offensive" smell that most people really seem to enjoy. The same goes for Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue

    I really hope you can find something that you like and that can help. Please keep us posted! **/Sends you a scented E-hug...
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