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    Default Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived


    My bottle of Vacances arrived this week. It was quite a find, being a 30ml extrait. The extrait is rare. Even the EdT is extremely rare. I seem to recall that Vacances was a limited edition, but can't be certain of that. Prices are astronomical for extrait when it's there in the Ma Collection bottle with the glass stopper.

    Whilst I do not think Vacances is a great perfume, it is certainly a very fine one. To me Joy, Normandie and Moment Supreme are the hallmarks of Almeras' greatest work. Vacances sits close to the skin, and is understated and elegant in the way that most of the best Patous do. It will be the touch of a spring breeze in the coldest days of winter, when I shall wear it with gay abandon.

    Vacances is a green, delicate blend of hawthorn, hyacinth, lilac, mimosa, galbanum and musk. The most prominent notes are the dry opening, followed by a hefty dose of honeyed mimosa and then a very realistic and spring-like lilac note.

    I do not detect the galbanum at all. This is good, because I find that when it is too dominant, it can remind me of salad dressing, overpowering more delicate floral notes. The musk is very understated and those who find musk disturbing shouldn't be bothered by Vacances.

    So, it is onward and upward for my collecting mania. I have the 11 of the 12 that I wanted.

    However, far from being satisfied, I found a 50ml sealed bottle of Coty Chypre last night and bought that. Yes, I know I don't need anymore perfume, but that doesn't seem to stop me.


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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    Hey Lili,

    The Vacances sounds so nice, but I'm am mighty jealous of your Coty Chypre purchase too! Great Find! Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    Great find! I was lucky enough to find an Edt (reissue) in a store, so I'm curious to hear about the parfum.

    Interesting that you state that the strongest note is the mimosa. The first time I smelled Vacances from a pass the sample (unclear vintage), I didn't get much green and I also though it was a heliotropin overdose, which nobody else seemed to have picked. My edt has much less of it, and the light green chypre character is more evident. However, the edt is relatively light, so it's hard to say. I do detect plenty of green in the edt, whether galbanum or what.

    I'm much farther behind in the Patou experimentation, but by chance I did get a Colony edt mini just today from ebay. Experiencing the notorious pineapple note.


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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    LiliB, where did you get the Vacances extrait? Do you have 11 out of the 12 "ma collection" bottles? I only have an ounce of "Cocktail" and a half-empty bottle of "Colony." My Colony's topnotes are damaged--no pineapple for me--but what's left is a very musty, earthy chypre not a million miles from Mitsouko.

    I recently got an absolutely enormous bottle of Moment Suprême from the 1930s:I would say that it's at least 250 ml of perfume. it was still sealed but fully intact and smells divine. It has a much less prominent lavender top note than the more modern versions.

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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    Very nice, LiliB!

    Best wishes for finding the 'final piece of the puzzle'!

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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    Today I can wear Vacances with gay abandon, as the occasion for which it was given has passed. So, the sun is shining, it's a gorgeous autumn day, and I am walking around in a mist of spring flowers. If it were a cartoon, I would have a large thought bubble filled with lilac. I have re-evaluated this perfume, having now had it on for half an hour.


    It's glorious. That's a word I don't use too often. It is to lilac, what Le Dix is to violet, a benchmark of pure loveliness. Being pure parfum, it projects. The overall effect is definitely green, but not strangely so.

    It isn't green the way, say, Crepe de Chine is. Coincidentally, I have just acquired a small bottle of bath oil Crepe de Chine. I only had a tired bottle of Cologne but the bath oil is another thing completely. My goodness, what a wonderful distillation of the pure character of that wonderful perfume this is. Perfumes like CdC are an acquired taste, to which the perfume newcomer can only aspire, especially, if like me, you were brought up on traditional florals of Chanel, Dior and Balenciaga.

    Vacances is easy to love. I can see, now, why it is such a rare and sought after thing. The lilac has both the exotic sweetness of the bloom, but also the essential greenness of the flower. It's addictive and I just can't get enough of it. The Mimosa sweetens the heart with a honey-like note, much like the Australian Mimosa, Wattle. I almost expect to attract a swarm of hungry bees, hoping to turn these spring flower notes into real honey

    The heart notes last quite a while and I haven't come to the base notes as yet. The base notes are described rather vaguely as musk and woody notes. Musk is a standard for Almeras, and gives his perfumes a certain, discernible character, one that I am totally in love with.

    Just a final note about the Ma Collection. I have a FB of Colony in transit now. So, I have all 12, though Amour Amour and Moment Supreme are Colognes, not the lovely glass-stopped EDT bottles. I will be keeping an eye out for those two, and if I come across them at an affordable price, they will definitely be added. This is one occasion when I am almost as besotted by the lovely bottles, as their contents.

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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    I just bought a bottle of the Ma Collection Vacances EdT, as well as an original sealed bottle of Lasso my wait is just beginning. But my HG bucketlist is all checked off.

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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    Well done you!! I look forward to reading about how you experience these scents. I have never tried Lasso and it is little spoken about and quite mysterious. I am still looking for my 75ml bottle of Moment Supreme, a bottle that seems to have vanished from the earth. The last one I saw was quite expensive and between seeing it advertised and buying it, the seller suddenly stopped shipping outside the US. Darn, that was the last opportunity gone. There is a 30ml bottle on Ebay, but he wants $300 shipped and that is unacceptably expensive. I look, but I don't buy
    So, if in your travels, you happen to see a 75ml bottle for less than $300, which I can buy, do please keep me in mind. I have 10 75ml bottles, having found both Amour Amour and Caline. I do not crave the Vacances as I have the parfum, and it is really only Moment Supreme that is required to complete the collection. Since Moment Supreme is actually my favourite of the Ma Collection, it is more than just lust for a bottle to complete the collection. It is a desire to have this gem to wear with gay abandon whenever I want.

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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    Lili, if you weren't in Australia, I'd ship you an ounce of Moment Suprême. I have 500 ml of the parfum!

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    Default Re: Jean Patou Ma Collection - Vacances has arrived

    That's a very kind thought. However, if you look closely at my photo of the collection above, you will see the traditional bottle of Moment Supreme parfum between Normandie and Divine Folie. I was fortunate enough to find both the parfum and the parfum cologne. It is the pretty 75ml bottle of EdT that has eluded me.

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