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    Default new perfume : Prada - Candy L"Eau

    You know its going to be extra bad when they need to make a short movie to accompany the launch.
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    Default Re: new perfume : Prada - Candy L"Eau

    Whenever I hear the word "movie" for an ad, I am also skeptical, as I wrote there (Lady Gaga movie? Lagerfeld movies?). But I must say these two are true ads, a little silly, not too long, and witty. They would have done well in the old Italian Carosello, for those who know what that was.

    But I am skeptical about the frag. Clearly, Prada is for clothes and shoes only.


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    Default Re: new perfume : Prada - Candy L"Eau

    (The actress in these ads, Léa Seydoux, is not only a Prada model but also a serious actress. I recently saw the swiss movie „Sister” where she is playing the female lead. Impressive.)

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    Default Re: new perfume : Prada - Candy L"Eau

    I think the original Candy was actually nice. I have a close relative who wears it very well.

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    Default Re: new perfume : Prada - Candy L"Eau

    I love these short movie ads! With the actress eating all the time though they make me want to eat instead of wearing Prada Candy L'eau!
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    Default Re: new perfume : Prada - Candy L"Eau

    I like the original Candy. I would wear it. Is the new eau out yet to try?

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    Default Re: new perfume : Prada - Candy L"Eau

    I'm afraid that even the name 'candy' makes me not want to try a scent.
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