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    Default I prefer Dior homme reformulated

    Gosh, I recall all the panic when the house of Dior announced that they were reformulating this one. It was like mass hysteria..people stocking up on soon-to-be vintage versions, buying them at ridiculous prices online. I must say that the only difference I can smell is that the vintage has a more intense lavender opening, coupled with that blast of alcohol and a distinct OAKMOSS note. Yup, I believe the vintage had oakmoss. The lavender note in the vintage reminded me of D&G classique and Eternity for men. The current version is more gourmand. I also find the reformulation much better balanced and richer. I really cannot recommend the vintage version over the new one.
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    Default Re: I prefer Dior homme reformulated

    I like all versions of this scent equally.

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    Default Re: I prefer Dior homme reformulated

    I have not smelled reformulated one on my skin (they have just vintage tester in local store) but just yesterday I resampled vintage again on my skin because I could get vintage bottle from 2008 online and rather cheap. Its nice scent but I prefered reformulated DHI over DH (vintage) which I also sampled on other hand. If reformulated DH smells closer to DHI then I think I would also prefer reformulated DH, so there is no point for me for stocking up vintage DH (which I already have as a 40ml travel version from 2010).

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    Default Re: I prefer Dior homme reformulated

    They are all great in different ways.

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    Default Re: I prefer Dior homme reformulated

    Of the DH/DHI originals and reformulations, I prefer the original DH -- but not by much. Very good reformulations, and nothing to lose sleep over.
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